The World of Mastery

I believe we are all surfers here, paddling out at sea, waiting for the big wave which only hits a few times in our short lives. I think the question we’re all interested in here is this: when the big one hits, will you be able to stand up on your board, and ride it all the way in?

Everything on this page is a snippet of the specific work we do together in Mastery. The links below represent a compendium of the scope and scale of the Mastery journey.

Mastery requires going beyond the fundamentals of the Ars Amorata: this is a journey into the psychological and spiritual underpinnings of attraction, romance, intimacy, and seduction.

* * *

1. Announcing Mastery—A Line in the Sand

2. Sheer Reckless Emotional Tension

3. Is it Attraction, or is it a Daydream?

4. Overcoming the Addiction to the ‘Hard-to-Get’ Girls

5. The Rush of Love

6. On ‘Girl Worship’

7. Direction, Propulsion & Structure: The Space Rocket View on Launching Your Relationship

8. Shoulder to Shoulder: Evolution of a Seducer

9. Conflict, Authority & Power Dynamics

10. How to Deepen Your Love While Expanding Your Mojo

11. Thinking on the Topic of Picking the Lock

12. Re-Igniting the Spark (or Simply Lighting it in the First Place)

13. Seduction All Over Again

14. The 3 Pillars of Mastery

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