The Mastery of Ars Amorata

The second online journey we offer is a full-scale exploration of the lover, the seducer, the romance artist within us all. To what extent is the Lover present in you, and to what extent are you Present to your lover(s)?

Throughout Mastery, you will refine your approach to dating, intimacy, and relationships, to make it all less of a hap-hazard numbers game, and so that your approach to women will become precise, aware, and intentional. You will learn to understand her masks and façades, and develop playful ways of dissolving them. You will learn to feel the dances of emotion and energy, and seduce through your body. And you will embark on an understanding of yourself as love, strength, clarity, passion, joy, peace, acceptance… so that you can do much less, but experience so much more.

But you cannot expect to take a woman deeper than you have gone yourself. And if you wish her to surrender to you and reveal her essence, you must ask yourself: are you willing to surrender first, and venture unto the dark forests within yourself?

Mastery combines a comprehensive journey of ‘inner work’ with a context of friendship, relationship, brotherhood, and art. When you are no longer afraid of the darkest truths of the human psyche - yours or hers - you get to truly move through the world with ease and delight.

Mastery at a glance...

Recommended: you are 30 years and over, and have 'seen a few things', so to say.

Investment for this deeper journey: TBC

Do you want the deeper cut?

We begin: Sometime 2022

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