A Masters Course in the Fine Arts of Intimacy and Attraction

*A Special 8-Week, Small-Group Version of This Will Begin on 7th January, 2024.

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In the world of dating and relationship advice, most people talk about ‘results’, or having a ‘functional relationship’, as if this is the peak we can reach. Very few touch on the quality of love that is possible. How do you attain such raw, intimate depth with women, that your relationships spark a fundamental sense of meaning?

For years I wondered if this form of Mastery was possible: an integrated approach that would allow me not just to attract and connect with women, but one that transported myself and my beloved to the furthest reaches of the human condition. Igniting a kind of love that moves you in your core.

‘What if one could make love an art?’ I wondered. ‘Something precise.’ ‘Something that continuously reveals new shades and depths’. That approach, I offer to you now, for a select group of men.

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