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Jordan Luke Collier has dedicated his life to helping create a solid learning community of men on a path to excellence with women...
Jordan is the creator of a number of transformational programmes at Ars Amorata. You can contact him directly here.
Part of being estranged from our fathers means we never received such a paradigm. Today: traditional vs. evolutionary relationships.... [Read More]
Fear of success and all it's unwanted consequences. Exploring a theme that keeps so many men out of relationships.... [Read More]
What you think is your great lack is actually your deepest gift. Reflections from the Florida Salón.... [Read More]
Don’t let anyone make you disbelieve it... [Read More]
‘If you just owned what you do with conviction, I’d have no choice but to surrender entirely to you.’... [Read More]
Seduction and Soul. On being the man she can't keep her finger around.... [Read More]
A 'beloved relationship' contains deep devotion, an unshakeable commitment, and a quiet adoration. Would you recognise these qualities in a woman, if you saw them in the wild?... [Read More]
A continual, yet precise, shedding of artifice... [Read More]
Undoing Repression & ‘Letting Be’... [Read More]
It’s just you and your fear, baby... [Read More]
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