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Lee Simmonds has devoted the majority of his life to understanding the capacity of masculine potential. Designing a life of magnificence, then living it in a disruptive & audacious way is what Lee believes is the cornerstone of realising this. Live fast, die when you’re done.
Lee is a full-time coach at Ars Amorata, currently offering private 1:1 sessions. You can contact him directly here.
It took me a long time to understand what this specific night - the long dark night of the soul - actually meant. In fact this story begins in my late teens, when I almost died.... [Read More]
Stories within stories, words within words. Here’s something from the creative side of me: an excerpt from the as-yet-untitled book I’m writing.... [Read More]
From here on out, from this moment forward, you are writing your love note to Death. Every time you freeze, you write another line. Every time you walk down the road less travelled, you write another. The ink will not fade, and in that final embrace you’ll be asked to serenade her.... [Read More]
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