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Art and music has been a central part of my life. I studied fine arts in Spain and in Berlin, I put on art shows and played guitar and bass in different bands. My artistic perspective on life was in part what made me resonate....
Kristoffer is a full-time coach at Ars Amorata, currently offering private 1:1 sessions. You can contact him directly here.
There is the nuance-free, dualistic good-evil paradigm, and then there is GREATNESS. What if really being great also means that some people will see you as evil?... [Read More]
“What do women want? Nobody knows, it is a mystery. Women themselves don’t even know the answer”. Sound familiar?... [Read More]
It was in that hospital that I made the decision. Death was just a rumour until then. Now, my father was dying, for real. A human being that had been there all my life...... [Read More]
Seduction is more related to art, to dance, to music, to storytelling, to poetry, to the language of dreams than it is to statistics. It is where the masculine is softened by the feminine, in a strange beautiful encounter.... [Read More]
Most men hide their desire. That is number one. Second, they try to get in with the woman by being nice. “Look, I do your tax return and agree with everything you say, so you should love me back.”... [Read More]
In our age it should be more obvious than ever, that attention is a commodity. A very valuable one. Why wouldn’t this also apply to seduction? It responds to offer and demand.... [Read More]
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