What Most Men Do and How To Be Different

Most men hide their desire. That is number one. Second, they try to get in with the woman by being nice. So, trying to manipulate their way into their panties. “Look, I do your tax return and agree with everything you say, so you should love me back.”

Once you have got used to expressing yourself, the paradigm of trying to get a woman by making her like you, looks totally insane, even though everybody does it.

Thirdly, most men are attached to outcome. A rejection will be the cause of pain, discouragement and a serious blow to their self esteem.

In order to be different, treat this like the government or TV. Whatever they say, do the opposite.

Don’t hide your desire. There are infinite ways to let a socially acute woman know that you like her. Don’t ever do anything subversively to make her like you. Ask her out to her face right away.

Thirdly, let the rejections rain on you. Bring it on. Never be discouraged and never take it personally. Hit on her for years if you like. As long as you keep point three, and never take it as a personal blow, you are free to be that lover of women forever. Women also feel this from you. If you are needy, she is put in an awkward position, where she has to hurt your feelings, or politely try to get out of it, without being rude. Your neediness puts her in a jail cell. Do the opposite, give her the freedom to reject you.

Women love sex and most are obsessed with romance. They are built to love and nourish. What is stopping them is the pressure, the responsibility that comes from having to deal with a man in need. A man that frees her up from this, is the man she will go with.

It is not like I think that you are going to be that guy every day of the rest of their life, just after reading my post. even though that would be awesome.

Still, I believe this is the recipe for moving through the land of women. That simple.

It’s hard to admit to a desire. Being vulnerable like that in front of a woman who has the power to give you offspring is epic. There are biological reasons why this is hard. At times we are going to find ourselves being weak. Rejection and flaking sucks. Of course. But that does not change the fact that meeting women and having them in your life, might be this simple. Not easy, but simple.

* * *

PS: I offer personal coaching around women, lifestyle and personal growth. You can book a “no strings attached” introduction call with me to get an impression of what this could do for you and your life.

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