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A troublemaker traveling around the globe while meditating on what is won and what is lost. Burning through the love for it all, until there’s nothing left.
Just one day more / I’ll keep her bright / Just one day more / Until the burst of this twilight... [Read More]
But that's when the miracle happened. The vigor of his enthusiasm for women, for dancing and for life, worked better than viagra for him.... [Read More]
And the grass stopped being grass. And the stars stopped being stars. And the eyes became fires. And the bones became ice.... [Read More]
By following our enthusiasm, by choosing what ignites us and makes us excited and hard everyday, we respect and welcome the gods in us, and we start to flow.... [Read More]
Finding your own style, and choosing what to wear with a mindful inclination towards what’s beautiful, is in fact not a superficial endeavor but a spiritual one.... [Read More]
"We can die together. Steal a car and end up dead while being chased by the police. Just like Bonnie and Clyde."... [Read More]
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