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Jordan Luke Collier has dedicated his life to helping create a solid learning community of men on a path to excellence with women...
Jordan is the creator of a number of transformational programmes at Ars Amorata. You can contact him directly here.
It’s just you and your fear, baby... [Read More]
How to awaken, balance and optimise your erotic life-force... [Read More]
When we take responsibility for calling forth the level of truth, aliveness and depth that we want from our friendships. I never expected the power of male friendship could take me so far...... [Read More]
Objectivisation & the Sublime; the sublimation of objects. A treatise on boobs and butt!... [Read More]
Relationship, and our inner development, is a form of religious journey. We need to split from stultifying forms of dependency, where the rituals have become empty, and the love needy, desperate and meek.... [Read More]
Manifest via flow, not by push... [Read More]
A host of Issues, from ‘creepiness’ to the inability to love, all stem from this unconscious, boyhood-made separation.... [Read More]
This is not about slapping on a canned routine; it’s about addressing your trauma.... [Read More]
Sure, ‘walk away’ is good advice. But what about the endemic, low-lying toxicity that affects us all?... [Read More]
Why buy the red Ferrari when you can be one? When the very engine of your body has the responsiveness, the power, and the aesthetic, of a perfectly-growling sportscar?... [Read More]
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