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Jordan Luke Collier has dedicated his life to helping create a solid learning community of men on a path to excellence with women...
Jordan is the creator of a number of transformational programmes at Ars Amorata. You can contact him directly here.
Not all adventures are the same, and there are a wide range of mindsets and attitudes among travelers. The more you understand the drives that fuel your wanderlust, the more you’ll design the right kind of adventure from the outset — and save yourself plenty of time, energy and money along the way.... [Read More]
It is agreed within men’s work that we need initiation. But what is 'initiation', and how does it work? Are we beholden to strange, exotic rituals - or can we find this for ourselves?... [Read More]
Once a man learns to actually enjoy the erotic and animal feelings that surface in his body in response to women, he’s overcome the main obstacle of this whole ‘seduction’ journey.... [Read More]
The majority of men I work with date women from foreign cultures— or at least aspire to. “I know what Zan teaches is fairly universal but are there certain cultures where women don't respond to Ars Amorata principles?"... [Read More]
How can I deepen the love and trust I’m building with my woman, while continuing to expand my mojo and 'seduce the world?'... [Read More]
I want to be able to surrender myself to a woman; I want her to take me out of myself. If she could only make me believe that there was something more...... [Read More]
Choosing primal requires - as Eliot put it - 'the awful daring of a moment’s surrender': allowing this dark force in you to channel through.... [Read More]
I think we’d all like a deeper breakthrough here and there, an ability to show up more fully to the dance.... [Read More]
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