How You Get A Black Belt in Relationship Wisdom: The Mastery Programme


You’ve been well-schooled in the Essentials of the Ars Amorata. And it has likely brought you closer to your sexuality, and opened that of the women you’ve met. 

Though as with much of life, new depths of insight continue to reveal themselves—and often only after a plateau. And you know this. Be it in your work, in the call to adventure, or in that part of your soul that knows there must be more in the realm of relationships. I’ll let you in on the not-so-secret: yes, there is a higher level.

Take it from me. I’ve gone through dozens of different stages of love, and each step of the way I find myself challenging all the previous preconceptions I’d worked so hard to make my own. True mastery is a dance of learning, unlearning, and then, finding, deeper shades of embodiment.

Have you ever asked yourself how transformational intimacy can truly be? I bet you have. I mean, if you resonated with those poetic vignettes of The Alabaster Girl, I bet you have started to scratch intimacy’s surface.

You know ways to bring yourself to the world of women. You have a general understanding of the feminine, a spirit of wonder, the generosity of the lover, and a fresh sense of vision and hope. And boy I’m proud of you for that—as I’m proud of every true Amorati—because there are so many men out there that walk blindly into relationships without knowing themselves, or ever being able to see the woman in front of them. 

But – has your journey been transformational? Life altering? Have you mastered the fine arts of romance and seduction in such a way that it feeds your purpose, that it enriches your zest for life, and cascades over to the all women you relate with?

THAT is what The Mastery Programme brings you. 

And the doors to the realm are closing in just four days. Just four days to send in your application, to start on a journey with only 5 others and myself. Exploring, capturing, revisiting, repurposing, and activating your deepest fire. For life, lust, and love.

If you want to learn how to rise in love, unpick the conflicts and closures, and bring your primality out of the dark—like a true black-belt master—then join me on this ride that promises to be one of the biggest gifts you will ever have given your future self.

I look forward to your application right here.

NOTE: Sending in an application does not mean you are automatically chosen. This small group of men will only consist of those most capable and committed to uplevelling their life, and integrating this body of knowledge. 

I believe in you.

If you wish to know more about the inner workings of the programme, visit the Mastery page or see a brief outline below.

That is all from me. I look forward to meeting you, 


* * *

Your 3 Pillars in Mastery…


There are three specific areas that make all the difference, and here is where we’ll concentrate our efforts:

1. Dare To Rise In Love. 

Do you go for the women you truly desire? Can you keep your centre while on the gnarliest emotional roller-coaster? Do you allow love to enter your dating life, or do you keep women at bay by hiding your deepest feelings… wearing a seducer mask?

Mastery is not about easy notches on the bedpost. This is about learning, and being willing, to surf the biggest waves love will ever offer you.

2. Unpick the Conflicts and Closures.

Many men lose themselves in relationships, or fail to go deep, because they’re afraid of conflict. But if you never disagree or set boundaries, beautiful women will either trample you or pass you by… the won’t find a centre they can trust or hold onto.

Every great affair contains within it a degree of friction. Mastery will help you summon the surrender, the self-expression and the skill, so you can bring all sides of you to the table.

3. Bring Your Primality out of the Dark.

How refined is your erotic intelligence? Can you feel the contours of sub-communication? Are you present during sex; are you self-expressed?

Masculine Edge makes all the difference in the world. Do you truly seduce your woman by bringing your sexual nature first? Can you re-ignite a spark after ten years of marriage?

Some men develop mastery in the erotic realm. Will this be you?

* * *

Mastery at 3 Different Depths…


General wisdom tells us that you can only go as deep with a woman as you have gone within yourself. So you want mastery with women? You need mastery first with yourself.

In this work, we come to know ourselves—and women—at three different depths:

1. Surface & Separation

What keeps two potential lovers at a distance? Simply put: our masks, façades, protection mechanisms, saboteurs.

Are you aware of the walls you have built that subtly limit the inflow of love into your life? Do you wish to know your blindspots?

You know when you have Mastery when you’re adept at dissolving your own inner fears and defences… and you see exactly how to cut through your woman’s masks and saboteurs, too.

2. The Volcanic Depth of Process

Under the façades of our human conditioning, we are each animals with primal, instinctual responses. Anger, arousal, anxiety, melancholy: there is a wide spectrum of human emotion, and a deep well of primal energy within us, too.

What makes our relationships compelling is when your emotions are free, and your life-force moves. Are you emotionally literate? Have you tasted the rainbow of human experience? And how dialled in are you to what she feels in the moment?

‘Process’ is the real depth where most women need to be met.

3. Virtues, Core & Masculine Essence

You may have heard these words. Presence is another. Have you ever felt so whole, so complete, almost like you could predict what would happen next, and that you were capable of any challenge?

Far beneath our egos, and even our animal nature, there is a depth of virtue in every man—a masculine essence—which, when reached, changes everything.

The more you come to know yourself as presence, the more the feminine will bloom around you, and the more life will be simply enjoyed.

* * *

Who Is Mastery For?


Mastery is a deep apprenticeship into the psychological and spiritual aspects of seduction, romance and intimacy. You will need to be curious, intellectually alive, hungry for knowledge, and open to experiment. You need to be willing to face demons and dragons, and vulnerable enough to share about your life, real-time, as it unfolds.

This course is not for everyone. Not every Amorati is up to the level of maturity needed for this challenge. However, if you:

— Show up in the land of women, and commonly speak your truth

— Date at least once or twice per week, and have sufficient existing connection with women (with whom to practice)

— Have structured your life in such a way that ‘abundance’ is around you (and you’re not dependent on meeting women through cold approaching or through tinder)

— You have gone deep with women before, and have a few ‘war wounds’ to autopsy and process(!)

— Want to flirt, have a sense of humour, but also want to dive into the fundamental patterns that determine the outcome of your love-life

— Are into life-long learning over short-term problem-solving, and willing to take on the apprentice role

Then this is it. The door to the next realm. 

Request an application.

* * *


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