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“Every ten years, a man must reinvent himself entirely.” – Zan

And so I’d like to ask you directly: a decade or so from now, who do you aim to be?

Is the work you’re doing now on course to shape you into becoming that man? The way you love, the way you make love, the way you show up for yourself and others?

To give you my answer: I’m about to hit ten years as a full-time coach for Ars Amorata. I believe, like Zan, that after ten years, a man needs to find the next level of vision for his life. That moment is often marked by a line drawn in the sand and once crossed, there is no looking back.

This email is to share that I’m about to draw that line for you. And it will be your choice to cross it. 

In summary, I’m relaunching the Mastery programme, taking it into a bold new paradigm. A reinvention that is truer to the result it harbours. Mastery will no longer be offered to large swaths of men. Instead, only 6 selected men, together with me, will embark on a year-long programme

I’ll tell you the reasons.

Maybe you wonder why, after ten years of doing this work, I am not some Tony Robbins caricature, speaking in a stadium before thousands, bouncing up and down as a world-renowned super-coach. Truth is, I hate the hustle and the self-promotion. I love the anonymity.

Every master I trained with was a true artisan, a mystic, hovering under the radar, teaching in his woollen rags, from the mouth of a cave.

And my most profound learning experiences came in small groups. With full access to my mentors, with late nights and after-hours, explosively curious about every crazy detail that unfolded in our training and in our interactions with one another. I loved being part of that master-apprentice relationship. 

It is a right fit to my spirit, then, to operate a similar kind of ‘mystery school’: home-spun, out of sight from the masses, only for those wild enough to knock on the door and prove their hunger for entry. Every artisan must choose his working conditions. This is how I want to live mine, and I trust this more exclusive way of experiencing life is more meaningful to you as well.

After ten years, I’ve noticed many amazing things happen in my coaching practice. Students change. Participants change. One thing I’ve learned is that mature, professional men need space. To stretch learning over an extensive period. It is no good cramming for a deep-dive no-one has time for.

The beauty is, that when you commit to exploring yourself during a period that allows you breathing spaceintegrationin between, the learning hits deeper. You become more aware of your patterns, and run into a wider range of challenges. And that in turn gives you more opportunities to transform and to heal.

Sure, some men change many things about their love-lives in just ninety days. Showing up is like getting your driving licence. But make no mistake: it takes many years to learn the nuances of the road. You’re gonna be relating with women until the day you die, and the deep work you do on your past, your present and your future, will re-write every story you embark on in the land of women, forever. Think about this for a second… The depth of the work you do now will impact the amount of love you will feel, and the closeness, and harmony, you’re able to maintain.

* * *

That is why the new Mastery course is vastly different.


Starting with this upcoming round in June, I will invite just six men to join me on an apprenticeship for an entire year. Only six men will ever get to embody this learning with me this year. And that is it.

This way, I get to stay clearer, stay sharper, and offer you very close guidance as you undergo this crucial exploration in your life. The reasons you are with the Amorati are profound. And this training will be tight.

I’ve led fourteen rounds of Mastery until now, and I could stop running the programme and do something else with my time. I would certainly get more of my weekends back. When I try to minimalise my life, though, Mastery always has a place in it.

And I sense it is wiser to pass this on to a few men, so you can deeply integrate it, rather than pass it onto many in a superficial way.

This programme is not for everyone. If you like your personal growth served up in football stadiums, I am not your man. But if you want to claim true Mastery in your relationship to the feminine (which means, of course, to build a fundamental mastery of your own inner self), then click the link below and read the following webpage carefully.

This is an invitation for you to dive into your primality, with me, and with five other committed, high-level apprentices. This is about touching the very bottom of the truth of your relationship to women.

Everything you need to know about the new Mastery programme.

* * *

Applications are now open, and the doors close on May 30th. 


If you are one of the 6 chosen, you will be notified on May 31st and the course will start on June 11th.

The line is drawn. Cross it to re-define your entire life’s relationship to love, sex, intimacy, and yourself.


Request your application for Mastery today


I look forward to meeting you.

~ Jordan

* * *

Jordan Luke Collier

Jordan Luke Collier has dedicated his life to helping create a solid learning community of men on a path to excellence with women...

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