The Ars Amorata Journal is a reading experience, set in two parts.

First, life advice and discoveries from our team of coaches and selected Amorati. Second, stories, music, painting and more… from each of our artists in residence.

So grab a stiff drink, sit back, and enjoy.
But that's when the miracle happened. The vigor of his enthusiasm for women, for dancing and for life, worked better than viagra for him.... [Read More]
I started to “meditate on death” because a few wise mentors said it’d be a good practice. At first I didn’t really know how to do it. I read books, some of them heavy, some of them recommended by Zan.... [Read More]
How else can we learn to see what’s under the surface, and read the language of women? By slowing down, entering into and fine-tuning our five senses, we sharpen our perception of this subtle communication.... [Read More]
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