Masterclass: The Foundations Of Aesthetic Leadership

01apr5:00 pmMasterclass: The Foundations Of Aesthetic Leadership[ONLINE MASTERCLASS] How To Infuse Beauty Into Your Work And Into The World.

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In The ‘Foundations Of Aesthetic Leadership’ Masterclass We Will Address:
The nature of man’s ‘true vocation’, and placing beauty centre-stage in your creations
Your ways of leading others, and the relational legacy you are already leaving, today
How to leverage your relationship (and your spiritual insight) as ways to top up the enchantment you feel in your work
How to tackle your painful inner conflicts and decisions, if you are confused about what to commit your energies to
Creating an aesthetic experience even if you find yourself in limited circumstances
Death, preservation of the sacred, and what is so meaningful you would give your life to pass it on
Finding your ‘niche’ in the exchange of goods and services, building your workshop, and devoting yourself both to work AND the good life
Building your chosen lineage. The ‘artisanal guild’ in the time of web 3.0
When passion comes, goes, and overpowers: the ‘tortured artist’ & moments of Grace

In this two-hour Masterclass, you will have the chance to reflect on your vision, your leadership skills, your work-in-the-world, and your legacy. These are enormous questions that have deep ties with a man’s feeling of his own significance, so we will press slowly and bravely into questions that many men never dare to ask. After a decade of coaching men, I can assert that — on the whole — our conflicts around work produce much more suffering than our conflicts around women.

This Masterclass ties the themes of beauty, spirituality, art and leadership in a new way. We have never opened this topic before in the history of the Ars Amorata, and I am excited to offer this to you now. Via a couple of short lectures, an interactive group exercise, and plenty of Q&A discussion, you will explore not just how to infuse what you know about beauty into the product of your work… but how you treat your team, delight your customers, and give flavour to the passing of your days.

After all, what if your work were not only a source of income, or even just a way of servicing those you care about…

… but an act of theatre, of cinema, a poem; a love-letter from you to the future of humanity?

So come and join me, and let’s get to the essence of your very motivation in the world.



(Saturday) 5:00 pm(GMT+03:00)

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