A Comprehensive, On-Demand
Embodiment Masterclass.

the Virtue
of Passion

Re-ignite your aliveness, your creativity, your raw sexual power.

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$97 Admission

Passion Is A Hot Spring; An Ever-Renewing Fountain.

You Can Learn To Increase Its Force.

This is a recorded, fully-guided home retreat. 

Theory, downloadable practices, and in-depth Q&As are all provided.



Throughout the history of philosophy and religion, passion was deemed an evil. A source of distraction from our higher, noble selves. As such, people of most world cultures buried their natural aliveness. In the name of being ‘civilization’, we never dare act like a barbarian!

But times change, and today passion is fetishised.

Look at celebrity culture: the passionate ones have become the revered. And in the world of work? Just ‘find your passion’, hustle eighteen-hour workdays, and life’s riches will be yours!

Passion is now a holy grail. And yet, back in the real world, life rolls on with its habits, duties, and grey.

If only I could locate my passion, find a purpose that suits me, then I’ll be ready to live, you think inside. If I just had the charisma of the latest influencer or pop-star!

What if I told you that passion is an aspect of your nature. That passion is a fountain, flowing from your basic anatomy. You cannot find passion in some job, some book, or in a random romantic encounter. Like blood pumping through your heart, passion wants to pump its way up from your hips, your pelvis, your loin, and infuse its fire into everything you do.

Passion is a spiritual and a biological force. An aspect of your DNA. Your passion can never be eradicated.

It can get suppressed, though, and when it does, you feel a malaise, or a meaninglessness, even. It can make us feel detached, disengaged. At times seduced, even, into fast living or harmful choices. Believing that passion is available through consumption.

We have all been conditioned to turn down the light of our sexual, erotic, creative life-force. Parents can’t handle it; schools and governments are scared of it. And yet, to become wild once again… To re-embody your innate, thrusting life-force is the vow of every lover, every outlaw, and every revolutionary.

The world around you needs your passion. Not your coffee-based ideas, or your temporary workshop high. The people who love you, and depend on your guidance, need the sleek engine of your body to be turned on, tuned in, and ready to live full-throttle.

In this live, interactive four-hour workshop, I will guide you through a body-based process to awaken, and strengthen, the fountain of passion that lives within you.

When your body walks down the street in flow, brimming with verve and aliveness, women will notice you. Your influence will increase in your work. And when the bright fire of passion roars through you, long-held fears will melt away.

In 'Awakening the Virtue of Passion'
you will explore:

At this four-hour home retreat, you will descend into the depths of your body’s engine, finding and unlocking suppressed erotic energy, and filtering it up into every aspect of you — and then, into your life. The consequences of passion work are profound. Carnal abandon during sex. Thrust and conviction in your leadership, sales, and creative work. And you will live life with more simple, spiritual joy.

As passion coarses through your body, it breathes in a spirit of confidence. When you’re in the presence of true passion, it takes away the second-guessing and self-doubt. I am sure you’ve experienced what I mean in peak moments. Now you can learn to turn on the tap, every day, so that you can harness this passion in yourself.

There’s something about our erotic energy that feels so close to who we truly are. This is why sexual rejection stings in a way unlike anything else. And still… so much of our erotic lives play out in the dark. The most intimate aspects of ourselves—our cravings, our drives—are hidden away. Rarely shared and seldom felt, we may not visit this vitality very often, if at all.

I say ‘no more!’

Our disembodiment is strengthened with every passing day. Long hours at work, thinking in the Cloud. The earth we inhabit these days is Google Earth! We notice the lack of brave, vital passion in our politics and in our art. And we pine for heroes and role-models once more.

Everyone feels this loss of true human passion.

So join me—and a circle of good men—and awaken the virtue of your passion. This comprehensive, recorded Masterclass is available now.

$97 Admission


Awakening the Virtue of Passion is a brand-new, four-hour home retreat, hosted by Jordan Luke Collier.

Everything in this four-hour retreat is guided. All you need is a private space (closing the curtains and the doors) where you feel comfortable to let go. Simply show up with gym clothes, a yoga mat (or towel), and a bottle of water, and I will lead the way. Through specific body practices, awareness exercises, and partner dialogue, you will come to feel—and integrate—more of your life force right away. And you will gain the tools to begin your own passion practice at home.

There will be little theory at this retreat. Theory can be found here, here and here. We will dive straight into experiential work, take bathroom and refreshment breaks along the way, and wrap up with a short Q&A. This is the closest you can come to one of my retreats in Bali, while staying in the comfort of your home.

So come and gather with kindred spirits, and get your body into an essential topic. Pluck insights as you work with others. This will be as deep a dive as anyone can manage in four hours. Be ready to find aspects of yourself that you may not have felt in years, if ever at all.

4-hour Interactive Zoom Session

The Home Retreat format is immersive and energising. You will experience a number of different solo and partner practices, each taking you deeper into the lower energy centers of your body. Capture the energy of a whole group practicing toward the same aspirations as you.

Theory & Experimentation

When you sign up for the Masterclass, you will get immediate access to some teaching resources. These will help you understand why we do what we do, and the nature of passion, libidinal energy, and somatic blockages. Awareness of the why of these practices helps us train with greater motivation and precision.

Personalised Practices​

As you start to understand these new kinds of practices, you will be able to build a ‘passion work-out’ to exist alongside your current meditation habit or fitness routine. What we will train together are the subtle dimensions of passion—this is not about brute force. You will explore how to build a ‘golden minimum’, to sustain a powerful transformative approach to passion over time, and to fit into your busy life.

Plus, you will have access to the essential practices on your private online portal, to continue in your own time.



Being Ars Amorata’s Head Coach for over a decade, my principle area of expertise has been understanding the timeless dynamic between women and men. This includes attraction, the erotic imagination, emotional intimacy, and building a vulnerable, sexual safe space where the masks can come off, and your animal selves can come out to play.

Growing up in the UK, I imbibed the usual social conditioning when it came both to sex and to self-expression in general. I depended on having a few drinks to get in the mood, and hopefully, if the night was a good one, I could relax and get into flow. It was the same at school and work: sometimes I’d wake up in a great state, and all my jokes would land. Most of the time, though, I restrained myself from blurting what I really wanted to say. My passion was like the sun in an English sky: burning bright for the odd half-hour, the rest of the time it’d rain.

Re-capturing passion became something of a purpose to me. First, endless travel gave me the illusion of excitement. Living in Brazil and Argentina—passionate countries—certainly helped. But only when I started to explore radical honesty, and transformative intimacy, did I see just how much I could feel. And as I deepened my body-awareness and my meditation practice, I came close to the source of my passion for myself.

The greatest thing I could ever teach you is how to find the source of your own vitality. I always latched onto inspiring friends, party people, and hot women, to try and soak in their freedom and radiance. This never took me far in my own life. I’ve listened to all the self-help meditations (believe me), but curiously, it was through doing some strange little practices in my body, and learning how to integrate these released energies through meditation, that changed my path from the ‘inside-out’, and proved that I was the generator of what I sought all along.

I’m here to pass onto you this same embodied realization. Come join me…

$97 Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

The Masterclass session runs for exactly four hours. After a short welcome, we will jump straight into physical practice. Make sure you have your mat ready before we start, and that you’re dressed in loose clothing. We will include bathroom breaks, and the class will finish with an open Q&A, with possibly a little coaching thrown in to those who share.

Yes – you will get access to the theoretical aspects of the training when you sign up, and you will get instructional videos of each of the techniques taught in the Masterclass. I cannot provide, however, a direct recording of the full Masterclass, as much of the time will be spent in private, unrecorded break-out groups.

Yes. You can purchase the teaching materials and the recorded practices, giving you everything you need to achieve the outcome of this workshop on your own. However, as mentioned above, not every aspect of the Masterclass experience can be recorded. So if you can make it live, I highly encourage you to do so.

Depending on demand (embodiment of our passion is necessary for all men interested in our work), we might repeat this workshop on a regular basis.

People are often very surprised by embodiment work. You come to the session with a question in mind, and that question usually changes, or is made irrelevant, by the insights you get through practice itself.

Having said that, if you want my support for a personal issue or question, feel free to purchase a private session with me here.

You are welcome to join the Masterclass in listen-only mode. You don’t need to turn your camera on. You can go into any of the movement practices, and choose to take it easy, or get some rest. Participation is up to you.

When we go into group exercises, though, if you wish to sit something out, I will ask you to tell me clearly, so I can arrange the break-out groups.

If this is the first programme you have purchased through Ars Amorata, you will receive a log-in code to our platform shortly after you sign up. Feel free to have a look around the platform, and press the question icon within the platform if you require any help. Hopefully, the navigation of the site is straight-forward.

After the event, you will also be added to a private group, where you can message other participants, and post any questions on the group feed.

The Masterclass goes live on Sunday 17th December, 3-7pm Central European Time; 9am-1pm Eastern Time in the US. The call will be exactly four hours.

To find out the session time in your time zone, click here.

You will receive a notification 48 hours before we go live for the Masterclass, containing the log-in codes. You will receive another notification an hour before the Masterclass, so that the log-in code sits at the top of your inbox as we go live.

Please ‘whitelist’ any email communication from Ars Amorata, to ensure the codes reach your main inbox (and don’t get lost in some promotions tab).

Since this ‘home retreat’ format will not be recorded in its entirety, I suggest you truly make one of these sessions live. Failing that, I believe you will get good value from all the recorded material and home exercises.

If you cannot make the live session for any reason, email me, and I can offer to transfer your credit to the next Awakening the Virtue of Passion Masterclass, later in the year.

When you register, we will send detailed instructions for downloading Zoom onto your computer or phone. You can also find helpful information and tips at Zoom’s Help Center.

Yes. You can connect via the Zoom app on your mobile device, or call in from a landline phone. For those interested in listening on a landline phone, we will send the phone number prior to each session, including international call-in options.

Yes! We currently have closed captioning available for the session recordings, however we don’t have CC for live sessions at this time.
If you have already registered for this Masterclass or for a previous Ars Amorata course, click on the word ‘Members’ in the top right corner of our website. Or, head directly to www.Amorati.Me. In the left-side navigation bar, you should see a section named ‘Courses’. Simply click ‘Courses’ and you will see all the different courses that you have access to. If you’ve forgotten your password, or didn’t create one when you registered, no problem, just click ‘forgot password’ and follow the steps

Sometimes course emails end up in Spam or Promotions folders. Please also check you are looking in the inbox of the email address you used to register for the course. In addition, we recommend adding ‘info@arsamorata.com’ to your email contact list to ensure messages are delivered to your inbox.

This Masterclass is one of four brand new Masterclasses, offered by Jordan Luke Collier and the Ars Amorata. Each Masterclass centres around an urgent and popular question shared among our audience, and in each Masterclass we share some unique and unconventional ways of looking at that question.

Future Masterclasses will cover the topics of Leadership & Life Purpose, the Challenges of Relationship and Commitment, The Art of Initiatory Travel, the Yoga of Beauty, and Re-Igniting the Erotic Spark. Through his unique blend of teaching, storytelling, live coaching and break-out group interaction, Jordan offers ways to completely re-interpret some of the challenges that touch right to a man’s heart.

Please contact us at info@arsamorata.com. We will he happy to assist you.
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