US Road Trip & Live Events — May & June, 2023

Something I’ve long been blessed and cursed with is a romantic imagination.

Last week, I texted all our contacts in North America that me and my tumbleweed girl were going to California, plus a couple of cities in the East.

Then this happened…



I am not sure whether this is a good idea or not.

Truth is, I got excited reading through all the interest in our trip. We started doing calculations, then something else took over.

As I said to my Legacy guys, if you’re unsure whether the world has a soul or not, drive from one side of a continent to the other, and what you’ll feel when you arrive will tell you everything. Years ago, I traveled from Tijuana to Buenos Aires, and that trip shaped the fabric of the man who writes to you today.

I am very interested in living the questions of soul, and creating a world to which others are excited to belong.

What is the question of your soul? What is the world you wish to create?

These are some of the questions we’ll bring with us on the road.

Below you’ll see some events that we’ve lined up and confirmed. And there’ll be other opportunities to commune with us, break bread, and have a true Amorati experience.

If you’re not in the States but want to join us, I hope we meet during this whirlwind tour!

* * *

1. Weekend Intensives — Confirmed 2-Day Live Events


What is your calling in life? How can you fill yourself up with the spirit of inspiration? Can you declare to the world who you are and what you live for… with a conviction that has people want to follow?

Come join us for an intensive weekend experience, where you will put the Ars Amorata philosophy into action. This is not a dating programme, but a vibrant, small-group atmosphere, you will explore the passionate, embodied aspect of your masculinity, unearth clarity and vitality, and explore how your way of being impacts others.

These unique Road Trip Weekend Intensives will include all manner of practical exercises, hot-seat coaching, and the chance to form lasting bonds with brothers who also live life in adventurous, whole-hearted ways.

Find out more, and enroll below.

Dates confirmed for:

Santa Barbara, CA — 27th & 28th May

Miami, FL — 8th & 9th July

* * *

2. Weekend Intensives — In the Works


We have had interest from a number of different cities. As things stand, we might run a one-day event in the following locations… or simply open our calendar for some private VIP coaching.

If you would like to join us in the following places and times, shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to schedule a quick call with you, find out what you want to get from a live meeting with us, and we can then create something that will serve you.

Potential Live Events / VIP Sessions:

Denver / Boulder, CO — 10th & 11th June

New York City — 24th & 25th June

North or South Carolina — 1st & 2nd July

* * *

3. The Salón Caravan…


So here’s our full preliminary schedule. The early dates in this list are confirmed, but dates for some of the smaller cities in the later part of the trip might move ahead or behind by a day or two. Road trips have their own timeframes, after all…

What’s more, a couple of locations might fall from this list, while others might be added. So reach out with your suggestions, invitations!

You can keep up-to-date with our updating Events Calendar.

Simply click through and RSVP for any Salón you wish to attend. Feel free to reply to me directly if you want to attend, but will wait for us to double-confirm the date in your chosen city. We’ll keep your name on file as we journey through, and make sure you’re updated.


Phoenix, AZ — Thurs, 18th May

San Diego, CA — Sun, 21st May

Los Angeles, CA — Tues, 23rd May

Santa Barbara, CA — Fri, 26th May

San Francisco, CA — Weds, 31st May

Bay Area, CA (in a second local town, TBC) — Thurs, 1st June

Sedona, AZ — Tues, 6th June

Denver, CO — Thurs, 8th June

Boulder, CO — Fri, 9th June

Sioux Falls, SD — Tues, 13th June

Lockport, IL — Weds, 14th June

Chicago, IL — Thurs, 15th June

Detroit, MI — Fri, 16th June

Columbus, OH — Sun, 18th June

Paterson, NJ — Tues, 20th June

New York City, NY — Thurs, 22nd June

Philadelphia, PA — Mon, 26th June

Richmond, VA — Weds, 28th June

Somewhere, NC/SC — Fri, 30th June

Atlanta, GA — Mon, 3rd July

West Palm Beach, FL — Thurs, 6th July

Miami, FL — Fri, 7th July

Key West, FL — Tues, 11th July



* * *

4. VIP Coaching


As we drive through, we will have some limited availability for private, 1:1 coaching. This might look like a two-hour philosophical life-coaching session about anything you’re working with… it also might include polarity and attraction coaching, with our ‘under-the-microscope’ feedback work with the feminine.

This will be the first time we’ve offered private coaching in the US since 2015. Otherwise, for such a breakthrough session with me, you’d need to come to Bali.

To start scheduling a private session with me, shoot me a message. We will set up a call to discuss what you’re looking for, and we’ll custom design a session for you, and place it into the schedule.

There’ll be very limited places for VIPs, so please book ASAP.

* * *

So, What’s Next?


Well, on our end, a whole lotta planning! And some very exciting discussions about the trip ahead.

On your end, you can already:

> Sign up for a Weekend Intensive today, in Santa Barbara & Miami.

> RSVP to a Salón by booking through our Events Calendar. Or, hit reply to this email with any questions/requests.

> And, to organise a 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Session, or to claim your interest in setting up an event in your town, simply message me.

In the meantime, make sure you’re signed up for our emails, and keep your eyes on your inbox — I’ll be sending out updates along the way.

It’s funny… this is not the first US Road Trip I’ve been on. Last time out I was joined from Boston to L.A. (via Miami and Montreal) by three Amorati brothers. Ten-thousand miles. And that was a decade ago now.

Life moves by fast.

I hope to see you en route!

~ Jordan


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