How to Unleash & Enjoy Your Sublime Sexual Force

Essentials starts in just a few days, and many people want to join the new cohort and retake the course. You know, be part of that buzz and excitement again.

At the same time, at this point in the Amorati journey, there is huge interest in the topic of ‘lower moving energy’, getting into our bodies, and being able to project your sexual energy into the land of women. In fact, I’ve seen a few of my old posts on the topic of lower moving energy recently liked or bumped to the top of the feed.

So here’s my big question: how far do you project your sexual energy into the land of women?

Today I have a great invitation for you.

But first, let’s explore this a little.

How does this ‘lower moving energy’ work? It’s very simple. Our sexual energy is an embodied energy. To this end, two things are vital to know…

* * *

1. Releasing the Hold


Our childhood responses, our learned habits, around the blooming of our sexual energy, shape our body. We learn, overtly or covertly, that there’s something a little wrong about our erotic force, so we learn, by using our bodies, to cover this force up. As adults, we carry muscle tension—either chronic tension, or sudden patterns or blocks that appear when, say, we meet a pretty woman, and feel turned on. Just as Pavlov’s dogs learned to salivate as soon as the scientists rang the dinner bell, through conditioning, our own bodies contract and contort—just as that pretty girl enters the room—and we impede what would be the natural flow of our own energy.

Can you relate?

To verify this, over the coming month, check out what men do with their pelvises and groins, especially when a beautiful woman comes into the room. Do you see your fellow man locking his knees together? Hiding his groin? Sucking his genitals out of the social space, and, like a snail in fear, back into his own body?! This is the manifestation of sexual shame, and it’s unconscious and automatic.

Just last week I live-streamed a powerful qigong session into the Conference. This practice is something that opens all areas of our bodies, and allows our sexual energy (among other energies) to flow all the way through. After the exercise, men typically feel charged up and beaming with presence: like you could thrust into battle, or pick up your complaining woman and throw her, defenselessly, onto the bed. Yet when I saw the men sit down after the qigong practice, a number of men in the front row contorted their bodies back up, sitting crooked, impeding their energy flow, contorting their bodies once more. Lazy, casual ways of sitting, which block awareness and energy flow! Are you aware of the simple ways you sit and stand? Such automatic, embodied patterns need to be brought to your awareness if you want to have more impact in the rooms you enter. Let me say it like this: no-one needs more sexual energy—we just need to relax enough to let the energy that already wants to circulate do its job… and just allow it to circulate.

How do you do this?

When you start releasing tension in your feet, legs, pelvis, hips… your entire lower body starts feeling alive. When you release holding patterns in your belly, chest, shoulders, arms and neck… your lower moving energy can infuse upwards, meaning your heart actually opens as you get aroused (no more creepy vibes), and even your face becomes flush with your erotic, heart-infused energy. When we talk about a spark in the eyes, boyish mischief, this is what happens: your sexual energy can be seen in your tension-less face—your whole body now a relaxed, sexual instrument—and you transmit it with your eyes.

When I do such a relaxation practice in my room, the effect is instant. The feeling I have in my body, my mood, shifts completely. When I go to the local coffee-shop, the women all look up and stare.

But this will never happen if you have unconscious holding patterns in your body, blocking your flow of energy. And we all have, ingrained within us since young, these patterns.

* * *

2. Sexual Energy Should Feel Pleasurable


Too many men actually dislike their own sexual energy flow, and feel it as a form of discomfort or frustration. I suppose this is why religious zealots would call women the Devil, because they created an effect in us such as this.

One time in Bucharest, when I was living with Zan actually, I dated a perfect-ten blonde with a perfect-ten little body. We stood on the street outside my building door for what seemed like an eternity: eye-contact, deep sexual tension, interruption in the space-time continuum sort of thing. When she heard that my apartment was full of people (and that we’d not have total privacy, despite my attempts to convince her), she pulled away at the final moment, and left me to go upstairs—home—all alone. In that moment, I could not join Zan and the small crowd gathered, I needed to close the curtains, lock myself in the room, and ease myself back into a state of relaxation. This was my first case of blue-balls, and I thought we’d need to call the hospital.

Can you remember a time you got close to sex on a date, only to be turned down last-minute, and feel that physical pain. Your body got riled up, but the result didn’t happen. How did you feel?

If you’re like most men, you feel utterly frustrated. The sexual energy built in your body, during the interaction with her, into a crescendo. And now, clogged around your pelvis and genitals like hair in a shower drain, your sexual energy has nowhere to go. It’s like a dam, exerting a huge pressure inside you. Instead of feeling like pleasure, our erotic force registers as pain, frustration, irritation. To make it worse, the mind then adds stories on top of these uncomfortable sensations. We blame her, or blame ourselves, for being unable to seal the deal.

The only answer, at this point, to deal with the energy build-up (although I have heard that a wet towel and a headstand is an option), is to lock the door and masturbate. If we release the sexual energy, we’ll release the torture that builds up with it. In truth, many men masturbate several times a week, and the unconscious motive for this is to release themselves from torture.

We live in a sexualised culture. All kinds of messaging tells us we must be studs in bed, that we must go after women all the time. And although most men say they want more sexual energy (and pay hand-over-fist for powders and capsules and the like), when sexual energy is aroused and runs through your body, most of the time you don’t like it! It feels frustrating, distracting, brings up other emotions that trigger your disappointment if you don’t get sex, and so on. For most men, the whole realm of sexual energy swirls around like Samsara. How to deal with such torment? Well, many men make a silent contract with themselves: better if I never feel any sexual energy at all. And so if they don’t compulsively masturbate when it’s uncomfortable, men numb it out, going into fantasy, or busying themselves in some other task. Never addressing the pain beneath.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Sexual energy is something you can learn to spread, enjoy, strip from its painful patterns, and move it through your body in a pure form. What would happen if, instead of needing to ‘deal’ with your sexual energy, you could enjoy it fully—without needing to get some kind of result or release? What if, as soon as you started getting turned on during a date with a woman, instead of hiding that sexual force—or feeling you need to ‘seal the deal’ as quick as you can (and before you actually get a connection with her or understand who she is)—you actually enjoyed every single step of the roller-coaster, including the tense parts? What would that change for you?

When I do one of my practices of spreading my sexual energy, it’s highly enjoyable. It retrains my body to increase pleasure rather than zone in on climax. I can also move sexual energy into every cell of my body: my feet get hot, my head is full of tingles (different spiritual ‘chakras’ open, if you believe in that stuff), and so on. When I do a sexual energy practice, I fill up my body with a vibration. Last summer, one afternoon after doing a particularly long practice, I took my computer to a local café. I noticed, before long, that everyone at every table around me was a woman, with a single woman on the table to the left of me, and a single woman on the table to the right. Both of the adjacent women instantly began licking their lips, playing with their hair, and circulating their feet and ankles under the tables. It happened as soon as I sat down. Before long, both women made up really silly reasons to start talking to me, too. I was a beacon of sexual pleasure, and my energy entered into them—permeating the whole café—though they seemed totally oblivious as to why.

Sexual energy begins within. Unblocking and cultivating it is an inside job. Only you can set it free.

Here’s the good news:

— You don’t need to approach strange women and blurt sexy and audacious things, in a fretful attempt to ‘unleash’ it

— You don’t need to do hours of strange yoga per day to subvert the whole energy flow of your body

— You can make a huge difference to the flow (and pleasure) in your body by doing micro-practices of just 5, 10 or 20 minutes per day

— You just need to open up these pathways to pleasure in your own body, and shake off those unconscious, physical blocks

Anyone can do this. You can feel incredibly different, in your body, after the first time. It starts with just deciding not to follow your old patterns of tension-release, and to dare explore different ways of running energy through your body. And within days, often after just one session, everyone around you will start to feel a stronger, more sexual vibration from you.

You don’t have to tell them what you’re doing, though. It’s secret wisdom of the ages.

* * *

An Embodied State of Change


If transmitting a strong and pleasurable sexual vibration is one change you’d like to make in your life—not a change in your mind but on an embodied level that everyone around you will feel—then join us for LOTM.

Lover Outlaw Trickster Magician was designed to run in tandem with Essentials. Over 13 weeks, LOTM gives you an ‘esoteric’ inner practice that helps you connect more deeply with each Essentials theme. Every week you also get a new ’somatic’ practice that helps you install each Essentials theme in your body.

This way, as you go through Essentials again, with a new cohort, your added LOTM content will help you deepen the Essentials themes WAY more. Lover Outlaw Trickster Magician is also a comprehensive syllabus that will open up your body, and unleash the Lover archetype within you, in its deepest, most primal form.

This training is on-demand, meaning you can get access to it right away.

When you sign up for LOTM, it will be added to your account. As the Essentials themes tick by, just review your Essentials post for the day (as normal), do your 2x LOTM practices, and voilà! You’ll be fast on your way to embodying the full, pulsing spirit of the Amorati.

I hope to see you there.

~ Jordan

* * *

P.S. Fully-fledged members of the Amorati get 33% off the regular price for LOTM. If you are not yet an Amorati but have joined Essentials, you are also entitled to the discount.

What’s more, I am about to add a number of live, group-based summer classes to LOTM. Stay tuned for the schedule and further details.

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