The 3 Paths That Shape Your Legacy in This Life

Fine Sir,

This is one of the most important questions I will ever ask you:

What does building a legacy mean to you?

Is it a tangible mark you leave on this earth for generations to come? Or perhaps your legacy lives in all the lives you touch over the years? Either way, the question begs: Where are you aiming with the vital energy of your life?

That, I promise you, is what you will gain during the Legacy Programme. The crystal clear shape of your Legacy. And this email is my final official invitation to bring you along.

The application window for this year-long six-people-only fellowship closes in four days. I’m giving you one more chance to apply at the bottom of this post.

* * *

A dark truth you must know about Legacy before embarking 


The quest for legacy—in its shadow side—is the manifestation of man’s fear of death. We desperately claw ourselves into a quest for meaning, overcompensating and over-working, all because we fear to slip into the abyss without anyone ever mentioning you again. Or, to perish with that ache of squandered potential, like a flower in a forgotten field. 

And so you frantically build sandcastles—inviolable plans!—which get swept away by the tide at any given moment. This is the grim shadow side of Legacy. And I’ve witnessed many a man build years toward a business, dedicate decades to a career, only to see it crumble before their very eyes as its superficial nature reveals itself, often only in old age. When it is too late to change. Too hard to accept. Too sad to live with.

I tell you this because you must get acquainted with the shadow—to recognize and distinguish real legacy from its superficial ‘evil twin’—so that it doesn’t surprise you at the end of this winding gorgeous road called life. 

Now, to prevent you from making that once-in-a-lifetime mistake, and to point out a different route, one filled with meaning and beauty—and aligned with your soul—is why I have created The Legacy Programme. 

And it is one of the most challenging yet gratifying paths you’ll take. It will be uniquely yours, and 5 other men and myself will witness, encourage, and support you through it all.


Are you on the fence and would you like my help to clarify if Legacy comes at the right moment for you?

If yes, email me today. The group will fill, so I need to feel your excitement and alignment for this.

* * *

What you stand to gain from The Legacy Programme:


Through 13 different themes, each with a number of practical skills and assignments, you will explore The ‘Three Paths of Legacy’:

1. The Path of Accessing new ‘Peak Experiences’ (a.k.a. awareness, consciousness, love, flow). You will come to know, in your bones, deeper ‘sublime’ states of mind than you have known before.

2. The Path of Stabilizing deeper access to Presence, so you can embody the virtues—and have more intimacy with life—in an ongoing way.

3. The Path of living from Depth. Learn to master and to infuse this way of being, and these virtues, into every area of your life.

This year-long programme aims to bring meaningful transformation into three vital areas of your life.

1. Your relationship to your woman (and the depth of intimacy you experience in general).

2. Your ‘spiritual’ journey (your connection to yourself, and to your unique niche in the world).

3. Your calling in this life. The real articulation of your art, gift, and leadership (the ‘great work’ you devote your days to, and the way you pass on your fire to others).

By the end of the Legacy course, you will be a full-scale fellow Knight-at-the-Round-Table: a sovereign leader, following his dharma, actively restoring beauty to the world in ways that bring meaning to your life and to those around you.

* * *

Is Legacy For Me?


To tell you the truth, only you know if the time is now. 

Here are some benchmark characteristics of men who are uniquely ready for the adventure at hand:

— Your period of healing has slowed down or finished: you’ve begun having deep insights into the nature of being enough.

— You experience abundance with women. Sure, you could love or commit more fiercely. But you sense there’s little added value now in traveling the world, seeking more more more.

— You feel your development has hit a glass ceiling, and all the old methods for personal growth seem flat. You wonder, what could be next?

— You want to lead more gracefully (whether you’re a CEO, team-leader, director, or coach).

— You are dedicated to refining your art, and want to drink artistic inspiration from a deeper well.

— You seek mentoring for this phase of your life to help deepen the commitment, intimacy and surrender in your relationships.

— You’re less fired up by seeking beauty, and more motivated to give your beauty back to those around you.

— You have a fair understanding of your (and others’) masks, parts and ego defence mechanisms… with capable emotional literacy and the ability to process much of your experience.


Are you ready to step out into the wild so that spirit, mind and emotion come together so strongly, that your deepest values and virtues are revealed?

This is your moment to step into a fellowship. To become part of a group of six extraordinary men, going deeper into your Legacy with every single step.

The first-ever Ars Amorata Legacy course is about to define its group, close its doors, and set sail for its inaugural odyssey. Those who miss out can join the waitlist for 2023.

I look forward to your joining,

~ Jordan

Request an application


* * *


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