[Mastery] September Live Workshop & Changes in the Alumni

Dear Alumni,

I hope you are well.

I’ve a number of important announcements to make this month, so perk up!

* * *

1. The 2-Day Bucharest Workshop


Good news! As long as the global situation remains relatively stable, Adelya and I will make our September trip to Romania. This means we will (finally) have a chance to host you for your two-day Mastery Embodiment Workshop.

If you cast your mind back, perhaps a long time ago, in the years Before Christ, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, you might remember that you have, included with your Mastery course fee, access to a two-day embodiment workshop, just before an Amorati Conference. This is now approaching us!

What I would like from you, at this point, is a simple note of confirmation. Do you plan on being in Romania this September for the Conference? And, if you had the option, would you prefer to participate in the two-day workshop on…

—> Sat & Sun, 24 + 25 Sept (and enjoy a full pre-conference week with your brothers),

—> Mon & Tues 26 + 27 Sept (and enjoy a pre-conference half-week),


—> Weds & Thurs, 28 + 29 Sept (and do the workshop leading straight into the conference)?

Pls shoot me a quick reply with your preference, so I get a general idea of how many people are coming to town. I will likely split the workshop into two parts and run it twice, since there are quite a number of you who will potentially come, and I want to make sure I can pay attention to everyone’s practice/process.

Note — Sure, I get that you might cancel or change dates at short notice. That happens. But give me a guideline now, if you can, so I can loosely start to arrange things. Emailing me now doesn’t lock you into a particular session, and you can most likely swap sessions up to just a few days before we meet. Text your brothers on Discord if you want to try and get your cohort or closest allies to match dates with you.

* * *

2. Changes to ‘Office Hours’


After much thought, I am taking the step of winding down our monthly Alumni ‘Office Hours’, in the way I run them now.

There are a few reasons contributing to this. Most of all, I’ve a desire to create a more powerful (and empowering) structure for all of us. On the one hand, I am now tasked with creating the Legacy programme (as we go through it together), while trying to find time for my own artistic journey. On the other hand, while I love the space we share and the irreverence often enjoyed in it—and while many of you have sent private notes expressing your gratitude for our little ‘Alumni’ community over the months—I have a pervasive sense of not being ‘well-used’ in my coaching capacity here, and I’d like to up the value and the stakes.

If you feel quite beholden to our monthly get-togethers, then you are most likely someone who can host such calls, and gather your Alumni brothers together and share your progress and stuck-points. I encourage you to go ahead and take leadership, and create the community you want here.

On the other hand, I would like to continue offering my guidance to you all in two new forms…

* * *

3. Primality, Aggression & Archetypes — Kicking off a Quarterly ‘Home Retreat’


One of the ways to increase the stakes, and offer you more powerful support, is to ensure that, every time we meet together as an Alumni group, we make maximal value of our time. To this end, beginning this month, I am kicking off a new ‘home retreat’, to which you are, of course, invited. The quarterly ‘home retreat’ will enhance your learning on the Mastery path. The first session will be four hours long, and you will need to make yourself fully available for the session; bringing loose-fitting clothing, and ensuring you’re in a safe, private space (curtains closed).

I will layer a number of elements into each Quarterly Retreat:

1. A strong check-in segment, ensuring you stay accountable to your ideals around Mastery (whatever Mastery now means to you),

2. Time for a Q&A with me, to ask me about any aspect of your practice or your unfolding relationships,

3. We will spend most of our time together in guided embodiment practice. For it is this—connecting back to your essence—more than anything else in this stage of the game, that truly moves the needle.

I will not play around and be nice here: the retreats will ache and push your edge. You might inwardly swear and wish the whole thing was over. But, most likely, you will receive a big pay-off after the class. The home retreats will not be pleasant places where you can hang back and soak in good conversation, allowed to stay in the comfort of your mind. Since the retreats will be immersive and interactive, I won’t record and upload much content—maybe just the Q&A. You will need to create the space in your calendar, and join us live, to get the full experience.

Summer 2022’s retreat will focus around Primality, Aggression, and the Archetypes: a deep-dive into the summer theme of living from the body.

Workshop Date: Sunday, 26th June, at 3pm CEST. 

Here is the zoom link. I will send round a notification the day before the workshop.


And btw, if English (or numbers!) is not your favourite subject, ‘quarterly’ means I’ll lead these four-hour ‘home retreats’ every three months (or, four times per year).

* * *

4. Friday Audio Dispatch


Finally, as part of my own info-purge, I will begin limiting my Discord use to one time per week. Fridays. This doesn’t mean I will drop off the face of the earth. On the contrary. If you have a question for me, or a story you’d like my input on, simply tag me on Discord as you post there during the week, and on Friday I will respond.

Most likely, if the questions are juicy, I will make an audio podcast (as I’ve started to do lately), and answer all your questions, thoroughly, in one exhuberant, tea-or-coffee-fuelled swipe.

* * *

That’s it for now!

Enjoy your summer. I hope to see you on Sunday 26th.

And, please remember, reply to me via email and LMK your travel preferences for September.

~ Jordan

P.S. Won’t make September? 95% likely we’ll run the two-day at our home, in Bali, early Feb ’23. So let me know if you intend to join us here…


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