Masculine Archetype Challenge (For Re-Igniting Your Passion)

We had a great Q&A in our membership to begin the year. Explorations around building wealth vs. building lifestyle, what to do when circumstances design our lives for us, and the ever-present topic of trust in life.

My favourite take-away? Kristoffer’s piece on bringing a sense of aesthetics into the way we live and treat others… even when our own lifestyle becomes restricted. Treating others with grace as we burn through our deep, personal challenges.

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Sharpen your Intention for the New Year:


Consider these questions, and keep your answers close to you. Written and placed on your desk, for example, where you will see them every day.

— What virtue, what feeling-state, would you like to have more of during 2022?

— In what way would you like to influence the people around you this year?

Remembering that the most powerful form of influence we have is a silent invitation, or permission, that we give to others through our way-of-being alone.

Anyway… The recording of this Q&A I did with Zan is up on the membership platform. Join the Amorati if you haven’t already.

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Designing Your Self: A Bonus Assignment


Cultivating yourself happens quickly when you engage with archetypes. Each archetype is shorthand for a whole universe of embodied virtues, skills, perspectives and emotions. So when you own one full archetype, you get access to a whole cluster of real-world resources.

To begin exploring the archetypes in you, do this:

— Choose one light archetype you wish to embody more of in your work and relationships this year. A light archetype is someone with uplifting energy from the heart up — like a meditation guru, Gandhi, the Beatles in India, etc. Love and light.

— Choose one medium archetype you wish to embody more of in your work and relationships this year. A medium archetype is more corporeal and robust, grounded and rooted in the earth — e.g., William Wallace, Casanova, Maximus: the great kings, moral warriors, and passionate lovers.

— Choose one dark archetype you wish to embody more of in your work and relationships this year. A dark archetype threatens death and the underworld, and often holds an erotic power — e.g. Dracula, Blackbeard, Werewolf, Oligarch. The classic ‘lower moving energy’.

Simply take a note of your three archetypes, and keep it present. Your chosen archetypes can be deities, historic figures, artists, or movie characters. Go for your heroes: people whose qualities you wish to own within yourself.

You may keep a small image of your chosen types and heroes in your room. You might buy one subtle piece of clothing or accessory that aligns with your archetype, and see how wearing it makes you feel. You could start to research more by reading biographies of people who embodied your archetype fully.

There are many portals into embodying archetypes more fully within yourself. This is just a start. Regular practice will open these archetypal behaviours and energies within you, for impact in your day-to-day life. I am curious to hear what you find.

* * *

Go Further into Your Archetypal Mystique


To embody your chosen archetypes more powerfully — whether they’re light, medium or dark — you can get immediate access to my complete embodiment training, where I’ll take you through everything you need to know to harness your archetypal power.

Lover Outlaw Trickster Magician is available on-demand, now.

I hope to see you inside,

~ Jordan

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