Legacy Course—FAQ

We’re coming closer to the application deadline for the first-ever round of Legacy.

I’ve received many questions, so here’s my best attempt to clarify how our Ars Amorata Leadership training will unfold.

This 40-minute video is a snippet from our recent European Office Hours. I give Legacy a good logistical walk-through, with specific updated information regarding live events.



* * *

Now, some FAQs:

1. What will the group commit to with each other—in terms of meeting, brotherhood, depth?

Every member of Legacy will have completed Mastery. Most of you already know each other, and the commitment will be high. Every applicant I’ve seen so far is sincere and motivated. It will be a beautiful group.

The course involves a live, three-hour call for each of 13 modules, plus the introduction. That’s one group call every three weeks or so throughout the course. Between modules, I invite you into 90-minute triad group calls with each other. Each triad call will have a structured exercise. During the course of Legacy, you will be in touch with your comrades every 10 or 11 days, and I will be available to you via Discord.

2. Will we meet in-person, particularly for the Vision Quest?

Below are some alterations and clarifications to the programme, since I realise just how much the ‘live experience’ means for people:

The Legacy course has been designed for you to get the transformation you desire through the online format alone. But I will extend an offer for two extra pieces.

First, I will attend the Amorati General Conference in Bucharest this September. I will take two days with the Legacy group only, and we will do something beautiful. This will not be a structured workshop (like the Mastery workshop will be). But we will extend the practices we do together during Legacy; we will enjoy our fine company, and, let’s say, some aesthetic pleasures. This will take place during the final week of September or the first week of October.

Second, as you will have read on the course page itself, one of the main components of Legacy (dropping around module #10) is a week-long self-guided Vision Quest. Now, some of you might go full-out nature quest—no food or water—deep into the local mountains or woods. For those who would like the ‘retreat’ part of their Legacy programme in closer company, you are welcome to arrange your Quest here in Indonesia.

The Vision Quest, of course, is a practice in solitude. But if you wish to do it here, and celebrate your departure and return with the others, you are welcome to stay for a few days close to my home, and we will meet here for some practice, preparation, and good conversation. Again, it will not be a formal retreat (and you can choose to not do your quest in Indonesia if you are called to do it elsewhere), but I will host you for a number of meetings around this time. The Vision Quest module drops between Christmas and early February, so I can assist you in making arrangements to come here for that time.

Bali is not well set-up for Vision Questing; but Lombok and beyond are virgin and spectacular…

3. Will I get anything out of Legacy? What if this programme treads ground I’ve already walked down before?

Everything depends on your attitude. I’ve chosen a number of themes you probably won’t have explored before in this way… but the key thing to remember is that this year is all about your process—the content is a secondary factor to provoke your explorations.

We all come into Legacy (myself included) with a leading edge, with visions and confusions, aspirations, and the great unknown. Each of us will walk into an uncertain future, using our inner selves as the map to guide us through. For reasons of pure logic, it’s fair to say that no-one will tread ground they’ve already walked during this course.

So I’ll pass the question onto you. What is the question that fuels your life at this moment in time?

If you know your life’s driving question, Legacy will help you see it more deeply, and embody your answers more powerfully. Say you’re not clear on your main life’s question (but you want to clarify it), Legacy will give you the 30,000ft view from which to see the story, the myth, of your life, from a clearer vantage point.

The question becomes: are you hungry to dive into a conversation about your Legacy on earth?

4. Is this Legacy course my Legacy?

Who knows? Legacy will be part of my Legacy, by virtue of me creating this. When I hit my 70s and I turn around and see I’ve led this course for 30 years, then I’ll be able to answer your question!

Honestly, I don’t know if holding space for others is my deepest calling, and I feel no particular desire to be one of the world’s ‘supercoaches’. I am in a process of being worked by these very same existential questions myself. You can see Legacy as a study-group led by a practitioner-guide who’s on this path for himself.

I do have a hunger to live the art life, to give myself to a novel, a screenplay, a film. I want to create something that directly transmits some of the beauty I’ve known in my own life. But ‘experience curation’ and ‘personal transformation’ are inseparable pieces of my path.

5. What Are the Topics Again?

Summaries of each Legacy theme are on the programme page. You need to click on an ‘accordion’ navigation menu to see each of the themes. They’re about halfway down.

I designed each of the Legacy themes based on a) personal interest and enthusiasm, b) having deep ties with the Ars Amorata philosophy in the way I’ve been exploring the last few years with Zan, and c) to bring together a holistic course that will impact your relationships, your leadership/purpose, and your ‘spiritual exploration’ in equal parts.

If the Essentials themes were exoteric (easily applied by most people) and the Mastery course was mesoteric (one layer deeper in mystery and difficulty), the Legacy themes will be the most esoteric (meaning hidden, subtle, mystical in nature).

At the same time, esoteric practice means little if not grounded in tangible ways of leading and creating. Presence needs to interface with the challenges of your life, else you become a witness on the side. This is why we close Legacy with a leadership project—where you will enact your insights from the programme in the world, and test your new ways of being in a practical, challenging context.

6. Who is Legacy for?

If you have loved the Ars Amorata in its fullness, and you have started to feel quite abundant and complete in the land of women, Legacy is possibly for you. Sure, maybe you could fall in love a little more. Ok, maybe you’ve yet to find the one. But when your thoughts and emotions are released from wanting to learn everything about seduction and romance, and you start wondering what your place is on earth, and how to give back, you’re primed for this next step.

Do you feel that you’ve been graced by some real beauty in your life? Do you feel that even though you felt fragmented and separate for many years, when you look around now, you see how others seem far more fragmented and separate than you are? Do you wonder how you can pass on the beauty that you’ve seen—to excavate your own masculine beauty, in a way—and pass it on to the next generation of men and women who need it? Is the culture that you love dying out?

What I want is that Alumni of Legacy become fellow Knights-at-the-Round-Table. True leaders, each successful in restoring beauty, as we collectively wade through the warring twenties.

7. Is there 1:1 Support Throughout the Programme?

Again, I’ve designed everything so that you can succeed in your programme intentions via the online course itself. Having said that, I have simplified my coaching practice so that I work with just 12 people over the entire next year. That means Legacy members will have my full attention, and be as close as possible to my inner circle. I will have your back more than you would generally expect from a course leader. If you need to talk, I will be there.

8. How does Legacy mesh with the Ambassador Programme?

There is a group known as the Amorati Ambassadors: men interested and engaged in growing the Ars Amorata message. There will be, at some point in time, an Ambassador training programme, which will facilitate members to go out, build local community, host salons, and more.

This is still a work-in-progress. I can tentatively say that the Ambassadors will be working to grow the span of the Ars Amorata community: increasing our group’s size, promoting events. Legacy, by contrast, is focused on the depth of a small number of individuals. Legacy is an excellence programme, first and foremost. This is about you defining and opening the next decade of your life. Growth of the Ars Amorata is not my concern here.

9. How Will I Know Whether I Should Join?

I get that some men make their investment decisions rationally. I hope I’ve laid out the logsitics so that your left hemisphere can understand and rest.

Ultimately, though, Legacy is a call to your soul. I’m looking for excitement—how can I say it—a soul-alignment with this venture. If you’re in, and want to join me and the five other men for a wild and strong cultivation of your leadership presence, you will feel it, and you will know whether to apply.

I am not here to sell you. We know each other well. And Legacy is quite a commitment—in terms of your time, energy, dedication and finances. If diving head-on into the next phase of your work, your spiritual journey, and your relationships inspires you greatly, then consider being part of this inaugural group.

All the Legacy details are here. Request an application today.

There are just 7 days to send your form back to me, if you would like to join us this year.

I hope to see you inside,

~ Jordan

* * *


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