An Ars Amorata Live Coaching Deep-Dive,
with Jordan Luke Collier

10-11 June, 2023 - Santa Barbara, CA
24-25 June, 2023 - New York City

In every generation a few restless souls leave it all behind. They scour the earth in search of a peak experience—a moment of aesthetic rapture—whether in love, via travel, or through spiritual quest.

But after your peak experience is often where the torment starts. Because you’ve seen beauty. You’ve brushed your fingertips on the edges of meaning. You’ve gotten a glimpse of purpose and how these experiences connect to a deeper dormant part of you.

Yet… There is a gap. You likely fall short on integrating this calling into your current path. Or lack the clarity to carve out a new path altogether. And it calls out to you so clearly that it makes you restless.

That is where the power of the Legacy programme comes through. Legacy lets you finish your ‘metamorphosis’. Legacy shows you how to embody Grace through your leadership, your art, your love, and your purpose.

First, by walking your soul’s journey. And through mastering your own unique path, you’ll learn how to give your gift to the world so that your values ripple and transform our society.

Legacy is designed to have you take a period of your life, and to pause and inquire.

How do you align with beauty? And how to transmit the glory of your human spirit?

With such questions in mind, I invite you on a full-scale, soul-based initiatory adventure…

What You Need To Know About LEGACY Before You Apply

Legacy is the culmination of the entire Ars Amorata path.

In this apprenticeship, you tie it all together. That means: finding abundance in the feminine, opening up to the contemplative life, and embodying the vein-throbbing spirit of adventure.

Make no mistake, this programme is not about hoarding wisdom for yourself. It is not a selfish endeavor you’re embarking on. From the very start, you will be challenged to share your growing gifts with others, and to disseminate them in the world.

Legacy offers you unique guidance into the area of your leadership and vocation.

It is not for everyone. Very few will make it through the application and, simply put, most men in society are just not prepared to lead with servitude.

Not every man gets what Legacy is about. And that is perfectly fine.

The themes you’ll explore are precise. Beauty, philosophy, meditation, aesthetics and art. You will experiment with tradition and initiation, intimacy and solitude. You will press up against the limits of your ability to commit, to sacrifice, as well as meeting the depths of your dedication. 

This is not a place for small-scale hesitation, unsticking relationship problems, or finding accountability so you ‘act’ more…

I promise you that this 12 month programme will bring out the very best in you.

In June 2023, we will begin the second round of Legacy. We have some exciting improvements over the first version of this course, which promises to touch your relationships more deeply, take your self-development, and guide your career and leadership to more stable, and artful, ends.

Legacy is an $8.5k investment for a year-long intensive and exclusive programme.

Since we expect more applications for Legacy than we have places, make sure you carefully read the full page below before you apply, in order to be prepared for what awaits you on the other side. I look forward to meeting you.

Your Leadership is Needed
At This Time in History

There has never been a time in history when more people have been waking up. Access to the world’s wisdom has never been more available. Secret teachings and mystery schools are all around you in audiobooks and online products, and every psycho-spiritual lineage has a festival in a neighbourhood near you.

But living amidst such a burgeoning spiritual marketplace, we consume spirituality, as opposed to integrating it. Not knowing how to link it all together clogs up our minds even more. Instead of unfolding your purpose and your presence, you feel stuck in the same place (just with richer experiences that keep poking your spirit, telling you: “There is a better way”).

Meanwhile, switch on the news. War. Inflation. Social fraction and disharmony. Oncoming uncertainty, censorship, tyranny. We are entering a ‘Fourth Turning’, and while we grew up in an era of relative harmony and expansion, it appears that this decade will be one for the history books.

What is your part to play in all of this? In the words of Pink Floyd: Did you exchange a walk-on part in a war for a lead role in a cage? Do you want to be the Man in the Arena or do you prefer to observe life from the sidelines?

If you have made it this far on this page, I trust that you know the deep sense of redemption that awaits when you you give yourself fully through profound expression and service to life.

But how do you get out of your own way, to start living a life to die for?

When Your Self-Development Gets in the Way of Living Your Life Fully…

Many of us reach a dark wood, midway through our lives, and all of a sudden, we wake up. We see the inauthentic and compromised ways we’ve been working and living, and if we have enough energy and bravery, we set upon a quest to find ourselves.

But there are many gurus, so much to learn: never-ending realms of skills to explore; vectors of development to grow in. You might dream of becoming a perfected version of yourself: a renaissance man with a spiritual glean. But your very self-development plans get in the way of living life fully… 

This is the glass-ceiling of the autonomous, independent ego. The narrative of self-absorption. ’Personal Mastery’ has left you fragmented and separated; divorced, still, from your deep sense of place.

I invite you instead to lift yourself into the next stage of consciousness. To look at the driving patterns of your ego. To gain faith in the enormity of your virtues and qualities. And while you become more and more able to stand in the uncertainty of the future or your result, you gain more and more conviction about where you stand, and what you can bring to the moment.

Your Leadership then becomes less about designing a strategy to have it your way. Your Legacy becomes more about embodying the very best of your heart and consciousness, in a fast-changing world where you might not see where you’re going, but you will know how to get there.

… When Your Desire for Love Goes Against Your Desire for Purpose and Adventure …

Many of us feel fragmented when we feel our core passions in life compete for our attention, and we then feel split down the middle. Part of you wants love, but a woman’s needs conflict with the alone-time you need to dig for your work. Part of you yearns for the gifts of spirituality, yet every foray down this alleyway leaves behind your art and, again, your woman. The result of such fragmentation is having a life that advances slowly in each of these paths. Yet you want to strategise to succeed in each.

You design weekly schedules, you optimise for work-life balance. But there is never enough time for everything you want to touch on. You become captive to your myriad projects, and never touch that which is important. I hate to tell you, but there will never be enough time.

Maybe things would feel more harmonious if, right in your core, you truly felt… spacious?

I’ll give you a big clue up-front: it is a state of mind not a practice of efficiency that will help you integrate all your vital pursuits. To sit back into a deeper aspect of yourself.

What if you could let go of the ego’s controlling patterns, trust that life contains everything you want and more, and that your three deepest loves—woman, vocation, and your spiritual curiosity—all integrate whilst you sit at a higher plane?

This is where we will go together in Legacy.

… There is no Greater Pain than Feeling out of Alignment

I have spent nearly 15 years in the personal development space, and 10 years coaching men. While many come to me with relationship challenges, there is always one pain that is deeper than anything else, that cuts colder, the root of feeling out-of-passion, limp, dry, ashamed to stand up and announce ‘this is who I am!’

And that pain is the pain of feeling out of alignment. That your efforts, your station in the world, are not in-keeping with who you know yourself to be at a soul’s level. A man needs to act in alignment with his soul, and be able to present this alignment to society, if he is to walk the world with dignity.

To align with one’s calling is challenging enough. Yet when you go through a period of intense seeking and transformation, it gets more difficult than ever to stay in any kind of social alignment (or even show your face to the onlooking world).

Because, after all, who are you or who will you become?

‘Success’, ‘productivity’, ‘achievement’, ‘hustle’, become sterile and inelegant attempts to live meaningfully. These are visions of ego-inflated and illusory legacies. Yet we still feel this deep craving to manifest something.

To find a vocation that is larger than you, that inspires devotion in you, requires you to have experiences where you can go beyond yourself. In order to go there, you need to perforate the patterns of your mind, and step into the sublime kind of states from where insight and clarity come.

In Legacy, one by one you will lay down the baggage of your old patterns, and slowly pick up access to your purpose’s whisper, which over time, becomes the loudest of roars.

A man on his path to Legacy has the ability to lead. He has a conviction so deep he will die for it.

How will you know what your Legacy is?

It takes a deep meeting with yourself to begin to understand the ramifications of this.

Are you ready to step out into the wild so that spirit, mind and emotion come together so strongly, that your deepest values and virtues are revealed?

This is your moment to step into a fellowship. To become part of a group of six extraordinary men, going deeper into your Legacy with every single step.

A Multi-Layered, Integral Training
To Embody the Secrets of Soul

Whether you have already set out on a rite of passage, whether you’re looking to integrate some of your peak experiences into broader realms of your life, or whether you need to re-imagine your leadership and your craft in the world, I propose that we undertake an adventure.

Legacy is a year-long programme, a module-by-module challenge and exploration, designed so you can bring a next-level refinement into every critical aspect of your life.

The unfolding design of the Legacy programme will have you…

Experience a radically new perspective on love, life and leadership… not via information, but through experiencing new states of higher consciousness and transpersonal awareness.

Upgrade your existing talents and skills so they touch others in deeper ways… and that your actions become imbued with more beauty, surrender, virtue, and presence.

Discover new layers of your (and your partner’s/colleagues) psyche, emotions, and soul, bringing more meaning and feeling to all the events of your life, and a richer source for your worldly creativity.

Burn and forge yourself in the crucible of your greatest loves, passions and fears—in the arenas of challenge and solitude—so you can heal deep places within you, and find alignment in your life’s path.

The Legacy curriculum will help you align your relationship, your purpose, and your desire for liberation, through processes including:

Your Path to Legacy is Accompanied by:

The Content You Will Experience

The teamwork and community aspect of Legacy is important. Participants are committing to:

Every theme and practice within Legacy is possible to do daily, in every human encounter. Your results and learnings can be observed, refined, and journalled about throughout the entire year. What’s more, your community will be available to brainstorm with you and offer feedback every step of the way.

A Look Inside…

Legacy contains a detailed, integral syllabus of 13 different adventures into your soul. Each module contains its own mini-curriculum of embodied practice, effective partner explorations, and deep self-inquiry.

As soon as you join Legacy, you will receive your personal induction. 2023 continues to bring the same world vibe which has grown in recent years. ‘History has returned’ and our human civilisation straddles many forks in the road at once.

Understanding your time in history offers keys to uncovering your personal myth. During the induction, a confirmation ritual will usher in a new phase of maturity in your life.

The poet, David Whyte, says that every man juggles three marriages in his life: the marriage to his woman, his work and his God. Much of the time, these three relationships seem to be in conflict with one another. By stepping back into a deeper consciousness still, you will find new ways of giving these three different marriages your attention, and you will discover how they are more interrelated than you think.

Beginning in this module, you will open up a pilgrim’s mindset, and learn what it means to truly wander.

Inspiration is always around us, but our access to creativity can certainly dry up. By taking on a new relationship to the world of spirit, and to the feminine herself, you will experience how the muse can show herself to you again and again, through nature, through art, through women… and through your own intimate partner once more.

To ‘court the muse’ means taking the empowered step of pedestalising parts of reality once more. Here, you will initiate a deeper love of mysticism, and cultivate an ever-deepening connection to flow.

Meaning in life is an embodied experience—a revelation—which demands fierce attention and fierce embodiment. You feel meaning and connection when you’re open to let life in.

In this module, you will learn skills that help you drink in wider amounts of life’s beauty, to be filled up by the sheer emotion and meaning that’s available to you. What this means, practically, is living more in tune with life’s rapture than being flung around by the thoughts of your head. You will explore the nature of ‘extasis’, developing the artist’s eye and the poet’s ear, and expanding your tolerance for chaos.

Everything you’ve learned with us about connection, intimacy, pleasure,… now becomes a gift you give to others. Can you imbue everything you do in life with a sense of play, depth, and ease? What would it mean to embody the full-throttle romance artist within you, and give beauty to each aspect of your life?

There is a depth of connection where everyone involved comes together in a state of shared wonder, shared ecstasy. The culmination of ‘seduction’ is a shared experience of the sublime: some call this ‘communitas’. Here, you will learn our most advanced tools to engineer more aliveness than ever in your relationships.

As a man grows in awareness and embodiment, sexual intimacy transforms from performance into art: perenially unfolding, often surprising, and ready to exceed its old limitations again and again and again. Only a few explorers in this world know how the energy, the altered states, that you cultivate in sex can be funneled into the rest of your life.

By building the shared ecstasy you already have with your beloved, in this module you will transform any remaining trapped energy in your sex-life, and translate this holy force into your work, art, and spiritual pursuits.

Even well into our successful, adult lives, often our biggest secrets, deepest wounds, and most potent taboos remain tightly locked, still, in Pandora’s box. Only courage, surrender and trust—in ourselves more than in our partners—can allow us to tap into the energy reserves that lay inside. As the boundaries of your deepest defenses dissolve, your rate of personal transformation increases, which opens the door to a new stage of more transparent, more awakened, consciousness.

It all starts through new forms of relating.

The most powerful methods of ‘transcendence’ are those that affront the individualist ego—things that bring up fear; that sound like they’ll make us small, destroy our power. But we want smallness and destruction to happen—to our egos! Culture today makes us heavily guarded against these almost taboo themes of responsibility, adulthood, and spirituality.

In this module, you begin to explore your capacity for secure and lifelong commitment—to partners, to vocation, to place—and you receive embodied ways to experience more freedom, more empowerment and more sacredness… all the while building relationships that sustain you (and your next generations) for life.

Go beyond your previous notions of being a ‘superior man’, and step into the radical void. Letting go of any pretension to ‘be a better man’ or leader, you embark on the biggest spiritual training yet, and the most radical states of consciousness. This module will kick off this process.

By this stage in Legacy, you will find yourself deep in a personal cocoon. Who you were when we began will have undergone a deep dissolution, and you will prepare for the kind of insights that will be the building blocks of the next phase of your evolution.

In every tradition and every myth, darkness and solitude came before the dawn of a new light. By now, it is time for you to take your practice up a level and plunge into the darkest depths you’ve ever faced. Not only will you experience (and transform) the existential dread that accompanies the dark nights of your soul, you will be tested (by the group) to fully embody your most raw, masculine virtues: courage, conviction, compassion, and perseverance. 

Here, you will dial all these qualities in, open your heart radically, and take a lifelong stand.

The culmination of Legacy is a self-guided Vision Quest, where you will venture out into nature and test your resolve in complete solitude and silence. You will build on a 10,000-year tradition of men from all parts of the world: begging nature, and a higher power, to bring clarity about your vision, direction and gift.

Many men credit their Vision Quest as being a turning point in their lives. Time and again, this magical experience puts a man in deep alignment, and reveals to you your unique place in the tapestry.

After such a relational and spiritual exploration, we begin to integrate your new-found sense of self back into the theme of your work. While a more conventional man builds his career to accrue status and ‘get by’, an initiated man understands he is creating the future of the world through his efforts, each and every day. Responsibility ratchets up: you realise that the wisdom of your soul will never impact the world unless you step up and practice.

In this module, you understand what it means to be initiated into soul. You begin exploring what a sublime apprenticeship means to you, learning new ways to harness your visions from the programme so far, and filter your new-found wisdom into your work, your art and your leadership.

Going further, the more you commit to (and become one with) your sense of purpose, the more your devotion, your gift-giving, starts to unfold by itself. You will see how your everyday leadership impacts everyone around you, and get a full and undeniable insight into your self-worth: that who you are, just through your self-expression and your passion, changes and advances culture. And we need it.

The premise of Legacy is that our highest gratification in life comes when we offer our gifts fully to the world, through acts of sublime service. In this module you will bring this entire programme together: first, by leading a small-scale, local project that exhibits your newly-found passions and gifts; and second, by applying all the esoteric practices from Legacy into your project as you lead it.

Here, you will measure your new level of leadership embodiment: that not only the result of your project impacts others—but your way of being as you were leading it was a direct transmission of your most human qualities, too.

Resolving the challenges of commitment, awakening, and finding your work in the world are not things you can achieve in a weekend seminar. It takes a slow and gradual connection to depth to make this happen.

Slowly, but very surely, you can uncover the wisdom of your heart and your guts, find what you stand for in life, and embody all this with skill and conviction.

This is what it means to walk the path of your Legacy.

You’ve seen the format. You’ve seen the syllabus. You’ve seen what’s expected of you.

All that remains is your choice. Your choice to listen to the spirit pulsing inside you, or to turn another blind eye.

But I promise you, should you follow the calling of Legacy, you will find that, long after this programme has ended, your life will reap the benefits of what you sow, in this year we spend together.

The choice is yours.

How Will I Know If I’m Ready
for Legacy?

Participants in Legacy come from diverse walks of life, and often bridge generational divides. While one participant might be re-fuelling for the last productive decade of his work-life, another might be taking his first dives into full-scale love and soul-inspired wandering.

We select participants for both common and complementary traits, which secures a high level of quality conversation in the group, and allows us—collectively—to have an enriching year.

Some qualities required to be a good fit for Legacy: you are endlessly curious, collaborative and sincere. You have a degree of time and space around the demands of your career, and the willingness to step into a beginner’s mind again. You have most likely traveled, and have an increasing draw to understand the arts and history. While a man’s lifelong education in intimate relationships is never over, you have by now found harmony around your sexuality, and abundance of connection in your life. You have, at this point, worked through many of the inner dynamics that blocked you with women over the years.

Free of any angst around sex, you have the energy to devote to life’s bigger questions.

The ideal Legacy participant has been working on a well-rounded self-developmental programme for some time. You have arrived at a point, though, where ‘more’ doesn’t equate to better, and you feel a longing for deeper states of consciousness and more simple connection.

Legacy is more about leaving a suitcase of mental baggage behind at every module, rather than stocking up on a bunch of new tools and techniques. 

My belief is that your naked self, your unconditioned self, is who you will need to find in order to find meaning.

If you are:

You stand to be a good fit.

If you meet these criteria, and you are excited at the prospect of being one of the 6 men to join Legacy, then step forth and request an application today.

Dates & Logistics

It might be a case of dates and logistics, to see whether you can join us this year. In the drop-down menu below, you will find further information about the core components of the Legacy course.

As soon as you’re admitted into Legacy and your payment is complete, you gain access to your private online course and the Week #0 — Induction materials. 

For each module of Legacy, you will receive just-in-time access to a full curriculum of material, including inner reflections, embodiment exercises, and real-world practices to explore at your own pace.

*This section will be updated shortly, to reflect the 2023 round of Legacy. The introductory call will be scheduled for April.*

Legacy is centered around 14 live 3x hour workshops, held over Zoom. That includes an introductory workshop, plus a group call for each Legacy module.

Each 3-hour workshop includes a guided embodiment practice, some group interaction and challenges, and plenty of time for on-the-spot coaching and discussion of each module’s theme. Here, we workshop the online curriculum, refine the practices to suit you and your current step on the ‘path’, and help you move through anything that impedes your progress.

Each call takes place on a Sunday, from 2pm—5pm Central European Time.

*When we move into daylight savings, we follow the European schedule.

Introductory Call — June 4th, 2023

Call #1 — June 25th, 2023

Call #2 — July 16th, 2023

Call #3 — August 13th, 2023

Call #4 — Sept 10th, 2023

Call #5 — Oct 8th, 2023

Call #6 — Oct 29th, 2023

Call #7 — Nov 19th, 2023

Call #8 — Dec 17th, 2023

Call #9 — January 7th, 2024

Call #10 — February 4th, 2024

Call #11 — March 3rd, 2024

Call #12 — March 31st, 2024

Final Call, Call #13 — April 21st, 2024

**In the midst of a busy life, it is of course possible to miss one or two of these live workshops. But to make the most of the course, I suggest you move around what you need to, so that you can make every step of this journey, live. Every group call is recorded and hosted on our private platform.

While the online material and group workshops make up the content part of Legacy, the extra triad group exercises bring out the community and brotherhood aspect of the programme, and help you lock in the learning.

Approximately 10 days after every Live Workshop, you will meet in groups of three to discuss your progress, offer feedback and troubleshooting for each other, and practice many of the course exercises together. Triad calls are hot-beds of learning where you can receive more coaching and feedback, as well as sharpen your understanding by giving feedback yourself.

Between Modules #9 and #10, you are expected to design and undertake a self-led Vision Quest. Everything you need to know to undertake a personal vision quest (and to complete it deeply and safely) is included in the material of this course. While some members might walk into nature without food or drink for the classic four-night rite of passage, other members might simply rent a rural cabin and explore spirit and solitude in slightly more comfort.

The practices we offer you to complete on your Vision Quest are essential for the completion and embodiment of this Legacy course, and this will be a monumental initiatory experience in your life.

Similarly, in order to complete the Legacy programme and embody this material, you will design and carry out a leadership project in your community. The scale of this project doesn’t need to be big (you could invest from 20-100 hours in it), but it must be embarked upon to test the next embodiment of your leadership qualities.

What might your leadership project be? This is hard to predict in advance, because it will be an integration of the insights only you can gain during your months of Legacy. In essence, you will be supported to enact a number of the learnings you get from this programme in a leadership, community, entrepreneurial or artistic form.

In these late-covid days of travel restrictions, there is no live component offered within this Legacy programme where we get to meet each other in the flesh. If you are in Bali, or anywhere else that I am stationed, I will be happy to invite you to dinner and a stroll, and support you with any on-the-spot guidance or assistance that is needed.

Apprentices in this Legacy course are as close to my inner circle as it possibly gets. Your journey is as much my own and I commit myself to your progress.

This depends on how many of the 6 participants are practicing coaches, mentors, or would like to be.

At a first glance, I intend to add an extra 6x 60-90 minute group calls to the Legacy curriculum, just to talk about the art and science of coaching, as a vocation.

I have fifteen years behind me now in working professionally and full-time as a coach, and fifteen years of my own supervision, mulitple advanced trainings, and, pfff, a wild devotion to the field!

The core models and approaches within Legacy are things you can use to shape your own offerings, as well as the way you work with clients 1:1.

In these supervision calls, you will be able to bring your own case studies, and I will coach you on ways that you can increase your power, influence and depth as a coach.

What’s more, you have use of the group Discord app, as well as my what’s app number, should you need to ask a burning client question on a more week-to-week basis.

I believe the world needs a new wave of artists, writers… well, an entire collective field… who aspire to manifest transcendental values – beauty, truth, goodness – in their work. The wilder and more fragmented this world gets, the more we crave uplifting, energising works of art to bring us together and bring us up.

One of my passions is creative criticism, so if you need me to grab the red pen, and help you embody your own depth through your work, I will have your back in that regard for the entire year.

May the creative revolution begin with us!

How To Apply For Legacy

As you have seen, Legacy is a tight-knit apprenticeship and study-group for a particular kind of man. 

This is not open to the general public. Enrolment is by application only. I will decide if you’re in.

This is a unique, custom-built syllabus of unconventional views and deep material, unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. I want to be sure that I can transmit this course to men who are resonant and ready. 

To ensure a circle of excellence, I need to know that your presence in the group will be an asset for your five brothers, too.

Everything about Legacy is precision-made and fine-tuned for a high-level experience.

Your investment for Legacy is $8.5k for the full year.

You can pay up-front. Or through installments over six or twelve months, with a 5% administration fee.

There are only 6 spots available for the Legacy apprenticeship.

If you happen to miss out on the 2023 journey, there are two spots for 2024 available to secure ahead of time.

That is it.

So here we are, at the end of this page. There are no more words to entice you, to show you what Legacy can mean for your life. This is it. The ball is in your court. Your chance to start integrating something you might have dabbled in here or there, but have never experienced fully. Only one question remains:

Do you dare to tie it all together, and step onto the path of your Legacy?

After receiving your request, your details will be added to our system. You will be among the first to know when applications open.

About Jordan Luke Collier

When I was around 7 or 8, I was playing football in a valley in the Canary Islands, deep in the blue of night. The other boys were a few years older than me, but I ran with everything I had, wanting to contribute, wanting to do my bit and score. I do not remember how long that game lasted, only how the moon surfaced over the dark brown mountains, and how time seemed to dissolve as I ran past all physical limits I usually had. The island was eternal.

But I carried a curse: finding it easy to get good grades at school, I was the boy who could become anything, and I’d live most of my adult life under the shadow of squandered potential. I entered the world of coaching and self-development some 13 years ago, perhaps motivated by this inner nagging. I felt too-rarely on-purpose, always behind, and definitely unproductive.

One night, while approaching the certification process of a leadership training I had signed up for, a group of colleagues and I practiced the methodology until late in the night. I felt passion and clarity for the topic at hand, and started helping my colleagues with feedback. At the end of the night, one of the women present said to me, I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I’ve seen a man just give like that, both from his head and his heart, entwined. The night had again become eternal, and while a lover had left me multiple messages inviting me to her house for ‘sleep’, it felt more right to walk home under the moon, and sleep (as I did at that time) on a humble yoga mat on the floor. A couple of quiet tears fell from my eyes. That night took a layer off of the ego, and soon after I was to truly know love, and taste a deeper spiritual experience still.

As the following phase of my life became consumed by intensified searching, a new definition of purposefulness arose. I started to see man’s Legacy—that urge to bring something of value into the world—less in an ‘award-winning’ accomplishment sense, but as having something more to do with the timeless, the embodied-in-the-moment, and the sublime. Curiosity about this more mystical legacy grew in me—along with the fire and conviction that only mysticism brings—throughout the years of writing and retreat-hosting that followed.

I have degrees and qualifications and all kinds of initiation, but none of that stuff compares to the real lived experience we here call beauty. Being in a committed relationship for over four years now—and finding my place—I see my commitment, my manifestation-ability, and my influence only grow.

This will be the first ever Legacy programme. A full-scale celebration of your own personal odyssey, your rite of passage, and your connection to the glimmer of spirit… as well as the rocky road of metamorphosis, and the fire of bringing your conviction to the world.

To make this work tight, and to offer it well, there is space for just six men.

Join me, and stop all the pushing, embody your calling, and offer your artistry to the world over the span of your lifetime.

Now let me ask you, who will you allow yourself to become if you start doing that? Does that vision of you inspire?

Then I look forward to meeting you.

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