Video #1 - Shaking Off Armour
Video 2 - Standing QiGong
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Video #2 - Standing QiGong
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An ancient practice from Chinese Daoist wisdom. This Standing QiGong sequence helps you connect to the earth (becoming more grounded), while handling more intensity channeling through your body while you do so.

This is great training for staying open and solid when things get hard in intimate relationship. It also cultivates a ‘magnetic, grounded presence’ that you can take with you throughout day-to-day life.

What does it mean, to be ‘grounded’? 

Once you’ve learned this practice, you can set your own timer/stopwatch to make the practice longer. As a preview, I’ve made a 12-minute version of the practice available. In LOTM, there is an 18-minute variation.

In China and Tibet, it is said there are monks that can continue this for over an hour.

My recommendation, with this and with each of the video trainings I share, is to practice it a few times over—ideally, each day for 21 days—so you start to truly feel the impact it has on your body, and your state of mind.

I must have done a variation of this Standing Qigong some 300 times. It’s made a huge cumulative difference to my life.
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Video 1: Shaking Off Armour
Video 2: Standing QiGong
Video 3: Coming Soon
Video 4: Coming Soon

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