Video #1 - Shaking Off Armour
Video 2 - Standing QiGong
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Video #1 - Shaking Off Armour
Grab your seat on LOTM
Shaking, Patting, Hip Circles, Wiping. And some basic Self-Massage. Some of the simplest embodiment tools you could possibly imagine.

But how many hours do you spend seated each day? How often do you stand and move, just to remind yourself that you have a body?!

As we sit and work with a hunched back, we actively practice hunching our back. Muscles in our shoulders and backs harden, and tension can coalesce. Meanwhile, many of us don’t open our hips in a day — then we expect sensuality, sexual energy?

You can engage with these simple practices any time. Their purpose: to relax, to air, and clear out excess muscular tension. After all, it is muscular tension that inhibits us from feeling, breathing well, transmitting our energy, and processing locked emotions.

The reason so much coaching, and transformational retreats, begin with light bodily warm-ups, is because it flushes out excess body rigidity, and makes you more supple to work with. When the muscles are less clenched, our emotions and energy can flow. It’s the same for intimacy: this simple practice is designed to make us more available to our present moment experience.

My recommendation, with this and with each of the video trainings I share, is to practice it a few times over—ideally, each day for 21 days—so you start to truly feel the impact it has on your body, and your state of mind.

“That squat exercise made my enery flow freely through my body. What a feeling!”
— Andreas
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Video 1: Shaking Off Armour
Video 2: Standing QiGong
Video 3: Coming Soon
Video 4: Coming Soon

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