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The Art of Initiatory Travel

A trial-by-fire guide to drawing the deepest possible meaning from your travels.

An On-Demand Digital Masterclass

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An Entirely Different Perspective on Travel…

This pre-recorded Masterclass will be accessible until September 30th, 2022.



I have spent almost twenty years —exactly half my life— on the road. Traveling, seeking, living abroad. Being carved by the road, and plunged head-first into life’s deepest questions.

Of all the requests I receive in my coaching practice, what I’m asked most are questions about travel. How to break out of the routine life at home. How to choose where to go— the best adventure, the best value-for-money, the most feminine women. Men want the logistical details so they can start their preparation. They want a taste, through story; a dream, of what to expect.

But I hold a different perspective on the meaning, the desire, and the potential for travel. For me, travel represents an opportunity for transformation, for spiritual maturity, for Initiation into a whole new sense of self. If you get it right.

Temptation and laziness abound when we’re on the road. And the easiest thing when travelling is to have a ‘conventional’ experience. When you seek safety, similar minds, and the local Irish pub, you come home with a few laughs, an empty pocket, and unchanged. You return to the same office, the same friends, and within weeks you long to leave home once more. Opportunity lost.

What to pack, when to go, and how to fund your trip are questions answered everywhere. I am more interested in the psycho-spiritual nature of travel. What happens in a man’s own heart when he breaks away from the conventional world that raised him? What changes when you are forced to carve your identity anew, amidst the great unknown?

So come and join me, not for a conversation about cheap kicks and quitting the 9-to-5… not even for a talk about finding ‘like-minded souls’, or some ideal woman, to give you a sense of belonging…

In 'The Art of Initiatory Travel'
we will address:

In this recorded two-hour Masterclass, you will have the chance to discuss your travel questions with me. We will take a fresh look at your needs for ‘outer preparation’, having considered the deeper ‘inner motivations’ for your trip. You will cut to the essence of how you want your journey to transform you. And you will learn how to prepare both psychologically and spiritually for the true treasures that travel has to offer.

Via a couple of frameworks I’ve never shared before, and plenty of interaction, you will see your dreams and longings in a deeper way, ensuring you don’t just leave home with optimised luggage, but an entirely new worldview on just what is possible for you out on the road.

This is the difference between your travel being utterly satisfying, transformative, and soaked in the kind of insights that will alter the course of your life…

… or your travel being a standard affair; an experience of detachment, exile, empty consumerism, or connection-chasing.

Gather around, and come and hear this from a man who’s lived this path.

$99 Regular | $65 Members


The Art of Initiatory Travel is a recorded Masterclass, featuring over four hours of new and exclusive material, and hosted by me, Jordan Luke Collier.

Following a couple of brand-new lectures and some interactive group-work, I open a wide space for discussion on the topic of initiatory travel… answering questions, challenging you with my own, and exploring through conversation how you can get more meaning, more beauty, and more transformation through your adventurous pursuits.

In this Masterclass format, the fact that we are like minds, all gathered around one essential topic, means that you will pluck insights from everyone’s questions and answers — not just your own. Come prepared for a rich and a fast-paced time, and take plenty of notes. Alongside the recording, this on-demand programme comes with a fully-written set of practices and assignments that you can do, to implement the ideas from this Masterclass into your life.

You get full access to this digital recording as soon as your purchase goes through.

Four hours of Video Lectures and a vibrant Q&A

The Masterclass group format is compelling and energising: watch your own deeper questions be answered while someone else is being coached. Capture the excitement energy of a whole group learning with the same aspirations as you.​

Recordings & Community​

Recordings of the entire session are stored on our customised online platform, and will be available for 180 days. You will get access to a private group for participants of this Masterclass, where you can share insights, questions and stories long after the even has finished.

Personalised Practices​

By adding all the practices we explore together, you can leave the call with many specific things you can do to enhance your travels… whether you’re in preparation mode, you’re traveling now, or you’re on the long way back to embodying your experiences, and bringing them to the world.



I’m a sliding doors figure for most of my clients: I’ve spent the past twenty years studying nothing but beauty and love, the nature of transformation, and the good life. Nearly all those years were spent in desirable foreign climes. My early backpacking trips transformed me.

Growing up in small-town England, it quickly became clear that a University degree was not a path to a meaningful career, and the corporate, consumption-based mindset that pervaded our culture at the time had no meaning for me. A friend once turned to me and said, ‘if you wanna be one of those people with genuinely exciting work, you’ve gotta keep traveling and meeting new people: this is the only way alternative lifestyles will present themselves to you’.

So I did exactly that. Six months in Asia, three years in South America, and I escaped from the traveler’s trail, learned local languages, and became immersed. I followed my bliss, learned new skills, new ways of being (and ways of loving), and gained a new sense of identity. Step by step, my ‘spiritual’ path, and my vocation, were revealed. That path has continually deepened ever since.

My twenty year-old self would be proud to know just what a travel-rich lifestyle he would create for himself, and how aligned this would become to my ‘purpose’. Yet the old spiritual maxim holds true: that wherever you go, there you are. You can run from the homeland you’ve grown tired of, but sooner or later you will have to confront your shadows, your demons, and be faced with the necessity to transform.

Come gather around, and get the inside scoop of man’s twenty-first century Odyssey

$99 Regular | $65 Members

Frequently Asked Questions

The Masterclass session runs for exactly two hours. There is an opening lecture of around thirty minutes, followed by a short break-out exercise, and the rest will be open Q&A, with possibly a little coaching thrown in to those who share.

This on-demand digital recording was taken from our first live Masterclass, which took place between March 26th and April 3rd, 2022.

Yes. The entire Masterclass session has been recorded and uploaded to our membership portal, and will be accessible for 180 days.

Yes. We will convert the recording and the follow-up resources into a digital product, and make it available on the Ars Amorata store. The recording will be available to purchase for 180 days after the live event. The product recordings will be taken down on Sept 30th, 2022.

We are expecting some 50-60 people to join us for this webinar. So of course, not everyone can share. If you want to share, you can type your question into the Q&A box during the zoom call, or put your hand up. The moderator will choose the order of the audience questions/shares.

This doesn’t present a problem. We usually discuss a variety of questions that apply to most people on the call — and even if you don’t share, usually by the end of the 2 hours, all the necessary content has been covered. The Masterclass isn’t meant to tackle individual situations in depth, but to give you a framework and some new perspectives from which you can start thinking freshly about travel.
This is why we offer a VIP ‘after-hours’ call. Straight after the Masterclass, I will jump back on another 90-minute zoom call with just 6 people. This means that you will be able to share your personal questions, and receive my coaching, guidance and feedback. The VIP ‘after-hours’ call will be recorded, and made available only to the 6 participants, for the next seven days.
You are welcome to join the Masterclass in listen-only mode. You don’t need to turn your camera on (although this does make for a pleasant, more personal experience).
If this is the first programme you have purchased through Ars Amorata, you will receive a log-in code to our platform shortly after you sign up. Feel free to have a look around the platform, and press the question icon within the platform if you require any help. Hopefully, the navigation of the site is straight-forward. Then, a day after the live Masterclass, you will receive a link to the recordings, and your account will gain access to the Masterclass recordings page. After the event, you will also be added to a private group, where you can message other participants, and post your questions on the group feed.

The Masterclass goes live on Saturday 26th March, 2022, at 3pm Central Europe Time. The call will be exactly two hours.

The VIP ‘after-hours’ session takes place on Saturday 26th March, 2022, at 5.15pm Central Europe Time. This call will last for 90 minutes.

To find out the session time for your time zone please use this link:
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This Masterclass is one of four brand new Masterclasses, offered by Jordan Luke Collier and the Ars Amorata. Each Masterclass centres around an urgent and popular question shared among our audience, and in each Masterclass we share some unique and unconventional ways of looking at that question.

Future Masterclasses will cover the topics of Leadership & Life Purpose, the Challenges of Relationship and Commitment, Relating Across Cultures, the Yoga of Beauty, and Re-Igniting the Spark. Through his unique blend of teaching, storytelling, live coaching and break-out group interaction, Jordan offers ways to completely re-interpret some of the challenges that touch right to a man’s heart.

Please contact us at We will he happy to assist you.

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