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Video #6: Learning Advanced Sub-Communication | Use Art as a Tool for Transformation

Video #5: What If A More Present Guy Steals Your Girl?

Video #4: Power Games & Manipulation | Heightening Standards, Finding Compassion

Video #3: The Pain of Desire

Video #2: Aesthetic Arrest | When Her Beauty Freezes You

Video #1: On Presence & Flow States

'Photography is truth... and cinema is truth 24 times a second.' Jean-Luc Godard

Movies, Mastery & Masculine Edge — A Summer Masterclass

What makes attraction, dating, and intimate relationships tricky for all of us… is that we are blind to the hidden dynamics that affect our mood, our desire, and our capacity to be present.

Women’s behaviour confuses many men. And, when it comes to love, our painful moments and losses happen for reasons we don’t fully understand.

If you choose to pursue excellence in your relationships, you will need to continually to broaden your frame of reference—your understanding—of how interpersonal dynamics work. You must come to understand human motivation, and be able to intuitively know what’s about to happen because you recognise the signals.

The path to this sort of power is enlightening. Yet it asks you to explore your vulnerability, your patterns, your fiercely-hidden secrets.

It would be vital to any man, then, to have a textbook. A guide to the unconscious domains of erotic energy that determine so much of your life. I could provide you with such a textbook. And yet, the knowledge you seek is happening all around you, always—it is more valuable to show you where to look.

This brand-new masterclass, Movies, Mastery & Masculine Edge, is your comprehensive guide to the advanced and subtle themes we explore on the Ars Amorata path. How can I learn to see sub-communication? How can I lead through conflict, or when I feel there are power games and manipulation? How can I unleash erotic energy: both mine and hers? And so much more.

Instead of hitting the textbooks, over the next nine weeks I invite you to join me, cultivate jedi vision, and broaden your understanding of life. Enroll today for a thrilling and unpredictable voyage through the world of cinema.

Are you brave enough to face the deeper Amorati Masterclass?

Step Into The Hidden Worlds of Romance and Desire

8 Pivotal Themes, Exposing the Invisible Aspects of Attraction and Intimacy


While men typically orient in a world of overt communication—actions, words, clear decisions—the language of women is formed by energy, gesture, and subtle signal. To speak this ‘language of women’ with fluency, a man must learn to slow down, feel himself and the world around him, and know what to look for. Sub-communication is complex when you analyse it with your mind. But learn to feel it… and you’ll stay connected to life forever.

We live in an age of understanding, empathy, and political correctness. Boys grow up with their fire suppressed, and forget the nature of play. Have you been trained to be a nice guy?

What does it mean, then, to come alive, to suprise, to go beyond ‘connecting’ with women, but instead make them feel? There are fine lines between mischief and danger, trustability and provocation—and too many men never know the exciting terrain of their own vitality.

Men who want only happy relationships don’t stay in them very long. It is the nature of the ego to protect and control, and this causes conflict, drama and power struggles in our closest relationships. Do you set boundaries well? Can you see her manipulation when it happens… or do you only realise it too late, once you’re full of resentment again? Join us for a study in cultivating awareness and learn to catch power games in the moment, so you can take a higher path.

The human psyche exists at different depths, and the intimacy we crave lays in our depths. As much as we all think we want love, both women and men walk the earth beneath masks and defences. But can you see beneath appearances? Can you let your intuition give you clues to who she really is, and can you ease open her masks, bringing out the fullness of her heart?

You cannot take her deeper than you have gone in yourself.

The Love Education We All Needed During the Dark Days

How to Win a Love Triangle

Both male and female psyches are split down the middle: the lover and the provider; the madonna and the whore. Few of us embody our wholeness. And, from time to time, we find ourselves vying for a woman with a competitor: someone who offers very different gifts than we do.

How does a man win a love triangle? When you’re awake to your strengths and your weaknesses, you stand upon much clearer ground.

Many times I thought I was in love… but really they were fantasies in my mind. I lost years of my life daydreaming about unavailable women, all the while missing the opportunities that surrounded me.

So many of our patterns in love and in sex are determined by our neuroses: the tangled ways of thinking (and dealing with difficult feelings) that our unconscious psyches cause. What gets you turned on—even obsessed? Are you captured by any unhealthy patterns here that you would like to dissolve?

Yes, it’s a cliché: boys are no longer initiated into manhood. But what does that mean? In particular, what does it mean to discover our masculine, warrior essence? And, on the other side, what needs to happen for a man to feel initiated into the wild world of sex… and all the human mess that can arise from it? Aspects of presence, virtues, are needed. And you get these by way of challenge.

While some men swallow the seducer pill and become addicted to the chase, what makes a romantic life meaningful is daring to center in the heart. Yet this is too scary a place for most men to go. Falling in love… that’s not dangerous, thrilling, masculine, many say to me. But that’s a mistaken view.

Once you can stare heartbreak, devastation, and your longing for love square in the face, you get the #1 capacity that beautiful women adore: the throbbing, living motor of the male heart. Why does no-one speak about this in today’s culture?

Many ‘throw-away’ scenes will provide you with inspiration, examples, and questions we haven’t even asked. Great art helps you understand symbolism—and the great cosmic joke!

Use Art to Catalyse Your Self-Knowledge

You know the feeling: stepping out of the cinema, and realising your mind has been blown. Insights, feelings, new fascinations unfold. Changes at the level of identity. Think of a 12-year old who just watched his first Bruce Lee movie. For some time after, every movement he makes is kung-fu.

‘Movie work’ is something I stumbled on through interest and passion. You have heard that great art can be transformative. Yet when we participate with masterful work with added awareness, that transformation lasts a lifetime.

This is not about imitating movie heroes. Art works you in two distinct ways:

1. The themes you sit through, the characters, plots, choice-points, all put questions on the table. Good films make you re-think how you show up in your life and how you respond to certain situations. As you unpack these themes in your mind, you will open more awareness—new possibilities—for future action.

Just one good image can help you navigate a situation in real life, forever.

2. Direct emotion and energy. Some movie scenes are so charged with energy, that watching them creates a deep visceral effect. This might be catharsis—a deep release of emotion. It might also be a transmission of the sublime: a film that ends with such a punch that you then walk the streets in a state of wonder—aesthetic rapture—for days.

When you come to ‘movie work’, you need to come with ACTIVE energy. In this Masterclass, you will not be reclining back on the couch, absorbing easy series. I urge you to bring full attention: these are all portals into the depths of the human condition.

This Masterclass studies 8 films that you most likely don’t know. And yet, many of the characters will reflect aspects of yourself back to you. Like seeing in the mirror. You gain a language of self-understanding. Once you see your patterns, your life, acted out on the big screen, it is difficult to go back to the way you were.

The Masterclass will provide you with specific prompts and exercises so you can let the themes and images transform you.

How does the Masterclass work?

During the Summer of 2024, I will host this Masterclass LIVE.

We will be a community of explorers and film enthusiasts. And we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to sucking the marrow from this art, and understanding ourselves and the play of sexual and romantic energy.

I cannot wait to share this exciting time with you.

We begin on July 14th 2024, at 3pm Central Europe; 9am Eastern.

We will speak weekly, at the same time.

The group will conclude with a wrap-up call/celebration on September 15th.

This Masterclass is simply built from passion. Perhaps I should offer you a more conventional guide to dating and relationships.

But the corners of intimacy we will explore here are so nuanced and interesting… and the way you will learn to see sub-communication dynamics played out on screen—with the ability to pause and replay them—simply makes me very happy and inspired!

Through these 8 summer films, you will come to see (and love) some of the mysterious, subtle, and beautiful aspects of ‘the timeless dance’ that few people ever get to witness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Masterclass Start?

We begin with a kick-off call on Sunday, July 14th at 3pm Central Europe; 9am Eastern. You will get some introduction materials that same day.

Then, on Monday, July 15th, the first movie will be announced, and you will get access to the viewing questions and the coaching pack. You will have six days to watch the film and reflect on your impressions. Each ‘film night’ round-table discussion will happen on Sunday, at the same 3pm Europe/9am Eastern start time.

Each film on our curated list will be announced at the start of each week during the Masterclass.

This means there is no planning ahead, no way to complete the course material in a fast burst, no way for your mind to cover the distance before your body/subconscious has a chance to bubble up. Instead, learn to enjoy the anticipation—and surrender to the not-knowing!

Please note: the images at the top of this enrollment page are NOT clues to what you will be watching.

We will give you links to stream each of the eight core movies. Occasionally, a film might be included in your favourite streaming app. More likely, you will need to ‘rent’ the film from one of the major online sources.

It would be nice to include access to each film with this course. But, licensing law. Please support the classic and alternative film industry with your admission fee. This is simply like paying for your course material when taking an ‘elective’ in college film studies.

Yes. Every weekly group call will be recorded and stored on your private-access Masterclass page. You will have access to these recordings forever.

Reading the intro to each film will take about ten minutes. I also recommend spending ten minutes before each film, and 10-15 minutes after, to consider the questions. Total: 30 mins reading/reflecting each week.

In terms of viewing time itself, the shortest films in the course are 1hr, 38 mins. The longest clock in at 2hrs 12m. There are no 3hr epics in this course. The average film run-time is a little over 2hrs. Total: 2 hrs viewing each week.

Our Sunday group call, where we will discuss the film in depth, will last for up to 2,5 hrs summary calls each week.

The minimum requirement to enjoy the Masterclass therefore is 5 hours per week.

5-6 hour per week.

If you would like to make full use of the inner work prompts, journal a couple of times each week, and interact on the private group, that might take another 2 hours per week of added homework.

For those with the time/enthusiasm, I am happy to allocate you into ‘triad groups’, where you can get together midweek and discuss the films, the course, and your self-discovery. I recommend taking about 90 minutes per triad call.

So, if you’d like to go ‘all-in’ and get the absolute most of this programme, you could spend 8-9 hours each week max. on the material.

Five of the course films will be English-language. Three will be non-English and you will need subtitles.

Two or three of the films will be fun and accessible, regardless of your ‘experience’ watching non-mainstream films.

Two or three are challenging fare. But, if you’re fascinated by the themes involved, the films will suck you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Every film on this list I consider a personal masterpiece. They each arrested my attention and gave me a real deep blast of energy, emotion, or artistic wonder. I have curated this watchlist because, if you want to understand the ‘advanced’ Amorati themes, there are simply no better movies to watch.

Yes, by all means!

One sign of a great relationship is that you can watch challenging material together and discuss it afterwards, even if you disagree. Another sign of a great relationship is that it’s a place where you can reveal your interests, even if they’re about the dark sides of love.

It is not necessary to share these films though. Some might be disturbing for the untrained eye (my girlfriend has run out of the room many times to films I chose). Other films you might choose to be alone for, though, so you can have your private moment.

When you get the link for the weekly film, I suggest you don’t read up on the film (no further than the intro framing I give you). But I will recommend each week if it’s best for you to watch alone… or in company.

Of course. Throughout the Masterclass we will mention a number of different films. Take notes, and build a watchlist for later.

Over the years, both Zan and I have created Amorati-purpose film-lists. I will provide links to these inside the course, also.

I might run another movie course in the winter. But it will centre around a different theme, not the Mastery, Masculine Edge, and hidden sides of seduction topic which we’ll explore now.

Our team is talking about converting this Masterclass into an on-demand offer once the summer is over. That means it’s possible to sign up for this Masterclass after September this year, and digest it in its ’non-live’ form. But yes, half the fun of the live Masterclass is the sense of community we’ll build around it.

No. To join the full Amorati brotherhood, you will have to sign up to our Essential Masterclass, and you can do that here.

Once you have joined the classic Way of the Amorati Masterclass, you can come back to this page and join the Movies, Mastery & Masculine Edge Masterclass at the discounted price.

Even though purchasing this Masterclass will not get you into the Amorati, it WILL get you into the private, unique community that builds around this course.

Amorati will NOT get access to this limited Movies & Mastery community unless they join this specific Masterclass.

Yes, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Please note that we reserve the right to review your refund request and may decline it if we determine there has been abusive use of our systems.

This Masterclass is designed to work entirely as a self-study programme. You get the prep materials, the film announcement and the themes. You get access to the online discussion, and the Sunday calls are recorded. You will get the entirety of my break-downs on these calls, plus the comments & coaching moments that arise in the group.

If you miss out on a Sunday call, the only thing you can’t replicate is a 30-40 minutes of break-out group conversation with other course members, and the chance to share with me directly. You can make this up as part of a small group—simply go on the forum and create a ‘triad group’ with other participants, and set up a phone call in your own time. If you would like to ask me anything about the films, feel free to write your question/reflection and post it on the community page—I’ll be happy to read you and provide a written answer.

If you really want this Masterclass and the themes inside, and you want the transformative aspect of it also, you could purchase the course, leave it a few months, and do the whole thing in your own time. That doesn’t matter. It is fun to simply keep the same rhythm as the others, to discuss the films while they’re ‘live’.

Yes… Watch the films as soon as you can, and catch up on the Sunday call quickly. We will upload the Sunday recordings within 24 hours. This will keep you close to the pace of the main group. You can then build a ‘triad group’ of people in the same time-zone as you, and enjoy the course with new friends.

Since a few people have asked this, I have decided to add two bonus calls to the programme. These won’t be structured workshops or presentations like the regular Sunday calls, but they will be a chance to casually discuss your insights and reflections of the films with me in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The bonus calls will take place on:

TO BE DECIDED: Schedule announced in the next 2-3 days.

And we’ll talk for roughly 90-120 minutes everything you didn’t get to explore on a Sunday. These bonus calls will be recorded and uploaded to the platform.

This question is too subjective to answer.

Some people take an 8-week course, get such a big insight on week #1, that they say they got their money’s worth. Others like to give it their all, and stay until the end. If it were me taking the course, I would certainly want to watch 3-4 of the films and film summaries—minimum. Even more. If you miss a film (or a Sunday call) or two, it won’t affect your overall insight. Plus you can make them up later in the year.

Here’s the example this questionner gave, from an old newsletter: “Do you make statements? Command women? Leave pregnant pauses? Tease, provoke, disagree? Walk away, come back? Share unasked things about yourself? Cut her off mid-sentence and ask things that are, for normal people, too personal; beyond the norm?” He goes onto say, ‘I believe there is so much to explore, so much value to be found in that little paragraph. But a few practical examples might make this so much more applicable!’

So yes—all these ‘difficult to write about’ topics and techniques will be explored in the course. This is partly why I want to teach via cinema: you see rare concepts drawn out on the screen, with the ability to freeze-frame them and rewind. Regarding the examples mentioned above, I’ll cover these in the Masterclass through a number of different clips, demonstrate all these dynamics in constructive and destructive ways.

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