Mastery Application Form – Step 6/6


If you are one of the six chosen applicants, I will contact you personally via WhatsApp on October 22nd. If you don’t have WhatsApp, I will reach you via email, and notify you of your place.

You will then have 48 hours to complete your payment in full—or to send me your first instalment. Once that is received, your place on Mastery will be confirmed.

NOTE: If your payment is not received within these 48 hours, I will invite the next applicant in line to take one of the places. So there will be a first-confirmed, first-served dynamic.

Please be attentive to your inbox / spam folder during these crucial days!

As mentioned throughout my emails and my recent talks, I am retiring from general coaching, especially in the men-women/attraction-and-intimacy domain. Yet after more than ten years living and exploring the psychology, spirituality, and practical nuances of the Ars Amorata message, I’ve built a powerful body of knowledge. And I am keeping this space for just 6 men each year to learn directly alongside me. I hope you will be there with me.

During this time together I will hold nothing back.

Have a great day, and I look forward to receiving your application.

~ Jordan

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