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Why Mastery?

Many men reach the end of Essentials, and feel a new lease of life. They are willing to drop the façades, blurt their attraction, and let go of some of the stiffness and control. A fresh feeling of abundance starts to reign.

The early Amorati themes are easy by now, but the later ones — sub-communication, masculine edge, authenticity — are kinda slippery, at the elusive edge of control and understanding, and can remain so for a while.

When I finished Essentials I had been given a green light to run amok in the land of women. And although I did always try to be authentic, I often ran into challenging dynamics in intimacy (my psyche was full of blind-spots and shadow!), and my access to spirit (those moments of mutual transcendence and awe) seemed to come and go without consistency or guarantee.

I felt I put far more effort into women than I got reward for.

Masterful men (in any human endeavour) achieve more while doing less. In a man’s relationship to women, this kind of ease is possible with an energetic shift. 

What exactly constitutes this poetic-sounding energetic shift? In short, one learns to feel and trust his body. He develops an emotional and energetic awareness, gains access to Presence, lives with an unbridled sexual energy, and has burned his way through shame, fear, grief, and many strains of saboteur. On the inside he feels strength of character, self-acceptance, self-assurance. In the world, he possesses a kind of occult knowledge. Because he has a deep contact within himself, he sees a deeper layer of reality in all the people he meets. He’s no longer bamboozled by appearances, or led awry be errant desires! Once you’ve done the work, all of a sudden this ‘seductive magnetism’ becomes less of a mystery.

Personally, I had the luck of living and traveling with Zan and the core Amorati team for 18 months before I reached a plateau in my learning. It was 2013, and I’d absorbed the Essentials of Ars Amorata. But I didn’t want to wait another thirty years on the corner of bars until I honed my understanding of the female psyche, and with it my own depth and intuition, in the way my mentors had. I was hungry for growth and ready to blaze a trail. I set about a learning journey — an archetypal Amorati rite of passage — to understand the psychology, the embodiment, the mysticism and the art, of seduction, intimacy, relationship, and the erotic. A deeper cut.

The Mastery course is a culmination of that voyage.

Theme Run-Down:

So what’s inside Mastery, you may wonder?

Well, we continue from where we left off in Essentials, and continue downwards from there.

Each week you’ll be challenged with provocative questions, personal explorations, and a host of discomforting and counter-intuitive practices. Everything in Mastery has been designed to stretch your range of self-expression, the intensity you’re able to handle, and give you a fearlessness in looking into the dark.

Here is what we will collectively explore:

Week #1: Observation & Challenge

How high is your bar in your interactions with women? Do you still get caught in childish habits, or take things too personally? How strong is your ability to stand back, broaden your perspective, and witness the nature of women? How aware are you of your own internal shifts and dilemmas, real-time?

Week #2: Virility & Self-Acceptance

How strong, and how stable, are your sex-drive and energy levels? Are you the source of your energy in the world, or do you need to orbit around others? How much of yourself are you able to accept, and which parts of yourself are losing energy in trying to hide?

Week #3: Authenticity & Mystique

You think you’re being authentic, but can you go deeper? How deep can your romance, intimacy and seduction go? Do you often kill things with women by being too honest? Can you create mystique at will — not in a way of playing games — but to actually fan the flames of intrigue and desire?

Week #4: Vulnerability & Strength

Can you embody power, strength & dignity… even when you’re vulnerable? Can you stay grounded and proud, even when you open your heart beyond where it has hitherto been comfortable to go?

Week #5: Masks, Aggression, Archetypes

Do you know the particular masks you wear – the blind spots in your behaviour – that keep women feeling disconnected from you? How do you subtly reject others and keep the world at bay? And what are the attractive powers, the archetypal forces even, that flow through you? Can you surrender, and let your primal forces roar?

Week #6: Eroticism, Sexual Shame, Taboo & Inhibition

How does shame show up to scupper your sexual expression? If your desire doesn’t broadcast clean and true, where does it lead you awry? Are there hidden fantasies you’d like to expertly lead women into? How much can you enjoy your sexual energy’s flow?

Week #7: Family & Adventure

Do you carry the spirit of the wild, even in the midst of your daily duties? Are you a gracious host with a sense of community, or ‘home’? Do women celebrate you on your birthday, or care for you when you’re sick? How do you play with self-sacrifice, and self-care?

Week #8: Attraction Patterns & Seduction Traps

Are you often attracted to the wrong ones, or the unavailable ones? Does seduction lead you astray from other important areas of your life, or enhance it? Does your behaviour bring about unintended heartbreak and consequences… or send mixed signals into the world of women? Are you quick to climb out of the honey trap?

Week #9: Mastering Sexual Polarity (The Masculine & The Feminine)

If you absolutely had to establish and increase polarity in any interaction, could you do it? Can you stoke the fires of her passion in minutes, or seconds?

Week #10: Sexual Tension; Sexual Relaxation

How much tension – sexual or emotional – can you withstand before you energetically collapse? Can you cut the tension in awkward situations, create safety and protect? How deeply can you relax when sex is on the table?

Week #11: Anger, Boundaries, Conflict, Disagreement

Can you express your anger fully to women, without being intrusive and overbearing? Can you hold a boundary, take a stand, and not lose yourself — particularly in the face of strong feminine energy? How often do you thrive, even grow, through disagreement? How willing are you to surrender to raw human energies and let it all go, in the name of clearing the deck of all that pent-up judgment and irritation?! This essential module studies the art of not losing yourself in your relationships.

Week #12: How Dark Is Your Love?

You say you’re a lover of women… but where is your close-off point? Do women feel safe enough with you to show their full darkness: sexual and psychological? How much of the feminine can you love before you turn away in judgment?

Week #13: Ending Unworthiness & Evoking The Alabaster Girl

Does a part of you still feel you have to complete certain things before you’re truly worthy of the highest-calibre of woman you desire? Do you consistently settle for less than your highest desire in relationship? What does it mean to go beyond her masks, and bring out the Alabaster Girl in her? We finish this perilous course in redemption and compassion.

And… The Two-Day Live Embodiment Workshop

Three times per year (just before our two Amorati Conferences and our Mastery Winter one) we run a Mastery Embodiment Workshop, with plenty of direct practice + feedback from women. What are the topics? Everything covered above… but live!

That is the Mastery menu, my friend.

If you’re inspired and challenged by many of these questions… perhaps it’s time for you to apply for Mastery.

Criteria for Mastery — a.k.a. How Do I Know When I’m Ready?

We have some specific criteria that men must be able to do before we grant them access to Mastery. To know if you’re ready and you’ve completed and embodied the Essentials well…

—> You can walk up, show up, and speak your truth in the land of women. Whether an initial approach, during the first date, or in your relationship, you are able and willing to blurt your truth fairly often, and handle some of the intensity that brings.

—> You are ‘out of the closet as a lover of women’. Meaning that you’re secure and generous in your celebration of women, whether that’s 1:1 with her, before a social group, and even in front of old friends (who might be very tempted to laugh and ridicule you!)

—> You have started to move your life to be aligned with your passions, in such a way that your energy carries a certain buoyancy. i.e., you have very few victim-like or apathetic reactions around your life circumstances. (Without forward motion in your life-direction and passions, you’re unlikely to carry the sense of thrust and recovery needed to make the Mastery topics work for you.)

—> You by-and-large know where to go to meet the kind of women who are interesting to you.

—> You have a certain self-deprecating humour, and can outmanoeuvre your saboteur at least some of the time!

In short, you will have great command of your “upper energy” in the land of women (charm, generosity, inclusivity, optimism). You have found some logistic stability. And you have begun to align your life with beauty in other of its myriad forms.

We understand that embodying the more subtle aspects of Masculine Edge takes more learning time. That is why in addition to the comprehensive themes listed above, we offer the two-day in-person workshop, we offer plenty of embodiment practices throughout the course, and we offer the Mastery Alumni, where I offer ongoing mentorship through hosting two Office Hours Alumni calls each month.

As you will see, Mastery poses many open-ended questions and paradoxes. This is not a tick-the-box type of warrior initiation, although you could work through the course in this way and get some life-shifting results. What we’re calling you up to through Mastery is to enter into a deep, multi-year inquiry, to consciously walk some of the most difficult tensions that men face in relationship to women, and gain an embodied competence in working with the primal and erotic natures of both ourselves and the feminine. We call on you also to become ferocious yet compassionate in the ways that you face yourself.

Many years ago I was running amok through the land of women, refining my wizardry and ticking off my erotic bucket-list, and becoming surprised by the gifts that came my way. It lead to a deep understanding of love, what is needed to grow deeper and more stably in love with my partner, and how to grow my masculine spirit — to keep the lover present — throughout my worldly duties and ties. Should you join me, I will fight to help you get underneath your most persistent blocks and challenges when it comes to attraction and intimacy, and share all I can with you.

In short, Mastery is not an accountability group for you to show up more with women, but an exploratory ‘mastermind laboratory’ to help you go deeper in the encounters you are already having. If you feel “outside” the land of women right now and need some time to get back into the flow, I recommend you re-ignite your dating life first. Retaking Essentials is of course free as long as you’re an active member of the Amorati. But at some point, you will get the call to go deeper. Much, much deeper.


… Can you feel your heart beat strongly, reading this? Do you feel a FUCK YEAH!?

Then send in your application.

Our next round starts on October 24th, 2021. Apply by Oct 22nd, latest.

Hope to see you on the other side.

~ Jordan Luke Collier

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