A Masters Course in the Fine Arts of Intimacy and Attraction

A Tailor-Made, 6-Participant, 12-month Apprenticeship. Starting October, 2022.

In the world of dating and relationship advice, most people talk about ‘results’, or having a ‘functional relationship’, as if this is the peak we can reach. Very few touch on the quality of love that is possible. How do you attain such raw, intimate depth with women, that your relationships spark a fundamental sense of meaning?

For years I wondered if this form of Mastery was possible: an integrated approach that would allow me not just to attract and connect with women, but one that transported myself and my beloved to the furthest reaches of the human condition. Igniting a kind of love that moves you in your core.

‘What if one could make love an art?’ I wondered. ‘Something precise.’ ‘Something that continuously reveals new shades and depths’. That approach, I offer to you now, for a select group of men.

What You Need To Know About Mastery Before You Apply

I will be honest: Mastery is not for everyone. In fact, the majority of men will not even make it through the application. 

Why? Because this is not about how deep your pockets are or the unending desire to collect fail-safe relating strategies. No. The Mastery programme is the culmination of the biggest-picture, deepest dive journey into the world of relationships that I have ever created. It has taken me 15 years of discovery and guiding hundreds of men to get to this point. And that experience is precious to me and will only be shared with those fully ready to step up.

This is an investment into the future of your relationships. A high-level, high-commitment apprenticeship in truly deep love and intimacy.

I invite you to join me on a journey that will forever change the story you tell yourself about your love life.

And let me tell you: over the last three years, not a single man has dropped out of this programme. A 100% success rate in a world of courses and programmes that at best promote a 50% completion.

The 100% is not to boast, but to show you the quality of men that dedicate themselves to grabbing the transformation they want for their lives, and my commitment towards the value you gain from Mastery. 

Mastery is a $10,000 investment for a year-long intensive and exclusive programme.

Since we receive far more applications for Mastery than we have places, make sure you read this page carefully before you apply, so you’re well aware of what lies on the other side. I look forward to meeting you.

The Sublime is Possible
In Your Intimate Relationships

Dare to rise in love…

Falling in love. So longed for, but it sounds like a crash waiting to happen and you sense it. You put yourself in the arena of love, all right. Uplifted by the magic in her smile, her softest, teasing touch. You shuffle towards the edge. And then… you hold back. Never playing full out for that dream woman, your first choice. In order to keep your anxiety under wraps, you settle for the ones you can handle. The ones that tug on your heart somewhat less.

It is no surprise, then, that your dates can feel a little lacklustre, and fade away all the more over time.

It is no surprise that your mind runs off to the next destination, to an out-of-reach fantasy who never arrives.

You turn your intimate life into a learning project: every woman merely practice until one day, magically, you’re ‘ready’.

Circling around the dating pool, you sweep up the other riders, but never the prize.

Let’s change that, once and for all.

Mastery helps you to stop settling for superficial intimacy. Building a dignified vulnerability, you get to show through the cracks and bring out the power of your male heart. Mastery brings you the courage to remain open through everything—especially your anxiety—when touched by the onset of love. We firmly have your back, as you get on the board and ride the big waves, and go for your biggest vision in love.

… Unpick the conflicts and closures ...

Mastery is vital to navigate the discomfort and conflict that relationships always bring.

You probably know what I’m speaking of. Her moods and raging wildness. Momentary insecurity; manifold needs. She directly challenges what you say you’re all about. She coldens and guards herself when hurt. Every good man gets entangled at times.

An unintegrated man will react or grow frustrated when the going’s not good. I don’t like drama, you might claim. So you avoid the tricky back-alleys of intimate contact, choose the conversational easy streets, and watch your relationships grow more superficial along the way.

This is how our relationships turn to grey—your foot out the door, perpetually weighing up leaving. Or she dumps you, all of a sudden, by surprise.

So what if you knew how to roll back the façades and always take things deeper? What if you could brave every form of conflict, and unleash the energy latent within? As you develop your presence, and become a skilled lock-picker of the heart, you’ll get beneath those repetitive patterns, and revel in her secret gardens.

Us men are often so blind to our own desires that we rarely put our true needs on the table. As you uncover the depths of your psyche and express yourself entirely, you will guide her in giving her full devotion to you.

There is power within us that only love and precision can unfold. Learn to touch rock-bottom with your woman, and have your intimacy become a transformative force.

… And bring your primality out of the dark

Almost every relationship begins with crazy passionate sex—a hormonal high—which naturally fades with time. Some relationships don’t begin with such uncaged sex at the outset, though, and a year later you’re still in a cage: looking outside for other options, while beholden to the sense of homeliness with your girl.

Other times, however, your sex is in a cage when you meet the woman you really like, so you never get that girl to begin with. Either way, at some point or always, your sex is in a cage… and there are many reasons for that.

Erotic intelligence is seldom taught. People think men are one-speed, only-sexual, and we believe we are strange when our sexuality is actually particular and specific. To learn to speak exactly what we crave, to show our animal side without sacrificing our education or politeness, to have your body hum a sexual vitality and communicate that from body to body… Yes, it is possible.

Man’s sexuality requires a maturation period, a distillation of the vintage, through which the full scale of your sexual aliveness can be brought out of the dark, and transmitted to the world with clarity and play.

— New for ’22/23 —

A 5-Day Bali Polarity Retreat…
At My Home

Seeing is believing, so they say.

And one of the most valuable things I can offer you, as part of your Mastery Apprenticeship, is to come and practice all the tools and themes of the programme live… under the microscope.

During 5 long, sumptuous days in Bali, I will walk you through a number of transformative embodiment and polarity exercises, so you can explore every aspect of the Mastery course with my live support… and, with the inspiration and challenge of our team of beautiful, highly trained women.

What does polarity and erotic friction feel like, when you’re standing eye-to-eye with a beautiful woman? What do women think and feel when they’re standing in your presence, listening to the stories you tell, the questions you ask, and the invitations you make?

This unique, Mastery-only 5-day retreat will reflect yourself back to yourself in transformative ways… healing some of the masks and blockages that stop more intimacy and chemistry entering your life… and upleveling the sheer amount of presence, intuition and vitality you’re able to feel.

Retreat Dates: March 27th—31st, 2023

*Flights and accommodation not included in the course fee.

To claim mastery in your intimate connection with women, you cannot simply talk about ‘results’, ‘health’, or ‘function’.

You need to understand the nature of love’s peak experiences, the maze of your (and her) psyche, and the full, volcanic depth of your desire.

Become one of the 6 chosen. 

A Precise, Integral Training
To Master the Skill-Sets of Love

Whether you want to elevate yourself and your woman to high peaks in the short-term, or sustain and deepen your relationship over time, the mindset and the training—the presence and precision you need for this—can be learned.

Mastery is a year-long programme, a module-by-module apprenticeship, designed so you can develop this sense of empowerment for yourself.

The unfolding design of the Mastery programme will have you…

Develop a whole new paradigm on what’s possible in romance, and how the mechanics of intimacy work.

Build practical skills so you can lead all your human conversations to new depths.

Work through the parts, patterns and defences that have blocked your openness to the flow of women and love over the years.

Train your ability to stay present, to remain ‘in your body’, so you can withstand (and enjoy) the intense feelings that only love and arousal seem to trigger.

Many men hope to be carried, passively, into life-affirming moments of romance, all because they went on the right trip and the right woman came their way. But I believe that you create the love and depth you want for your life with who you are, the things you ask, the ways you dare to show yourself, and the depth to which you can see others.

The Mastery curriculum will help you develop this unique mixture of skills through processes including:

Your Path to Mastery is Accompanied by:

The Content You Will Experience

The teamwork and community aspect of Mastery is important. Participants are committing to:

Every theme and practice within Mastery is possible to do daily, in every human encounter. Your results and learnings can be observed, refined, and journalled about, throughout the entire year. What is more, your community will be available to brainstorm with you, and offer feedback, every step of the way.

A Look Inside…

Mastery contains a detailed, integral syllabus of 13 different adventures into your psyche. Each module contains its own mini-curriculum of embodied practice, effective partner explorations, and deep self-inquiry.

You will begin by observing yourself in your interactions, noticing when you are present, and when you are captured by old patterns. You will begin to address some of your major blocks and patterns, while strengthening your capacity for Perseverance.

The all-important baseline for the journey ahead: you will explore the strength and stability of your energy levels, and find ways to ensure that you (and not your outer circumstances) are the fuel for your consistent showing up in the world. You will continue to unravel your shadows and limiting beliefs, and deepen the quality of your Self-worth.

Honesty and mystery are both essential for deep relating, but how do they fit together, and can you surf the limits of each? This module is an in-depth exploration of the layers of intimacy, and you will start by developing small-talk into artistry, and end with an experience of sublime, transpersonal, Merging Love.

Vulnerability is the essence of nakedness; a window into the human condition. Yet most men protect the soft belly of their secret fears, keeping meaningful relationships at bay. In this module you will practice how to be powerfully vulnerable —to transmit your emotion— yet maintain qualities of steadfastness, dignity and Strength.

This module is a deep-dive into the essence of ‘spiritual’ seduction: you will learn how to de-robe your psychological walls and defences, unleash the animalistic passions within, and access your ‘true self’ beneath. As you master removing the masks, you develop a powerful toolkit for opening others. This module culminates with an experience of both your Power, as well as your inner Peace.

Sexuality is the life-blood of any thriving relationship, and many of us long to touch the depths of sex. But do you hold back your dreams, fantasies, desires? Inhibition starts deep in childhood, and our erotic lives reveal much about our emotional needs. Becoming erotically literate not only replenishes the life-force of your relationship (and gives you a number of thrilling ‘peak experiences’!) but deepens the Nourishment, the Unconditional Love you’re able to both receive and give.

Seduction and intimacy take place within a whole life, and the sources that nourish your life therefore sustain your relationships. This module is about release and replenishment. You will expand your level of natural Joy, deepen your sense of community, and your Connection to the Wild.

Do you know why you’re attracted to certain types, and why you get snared in similar dynamics? Much of the pain associated with love and attraction are due to the wounded ways we crave the impossible, or the unconscious, indirect ways we attempt to meet our needs. This module will hone in on where your Passion leads you astray, and clarify what sustainable attraction feels like.

If you absolutely had to establish and increase polarity in any interaction, could you do it? Mastering the dance of ‘masculine and feminine’ — creating difference instead of sameness — is the quickest-fire skillset to building attraction. In this module, you will build the meditative Self-knowledge you need to become the centre around which the feminine revolves.

How much tension – sexual or emotional – can you withstand before you energetically collapse? Expand your capacity for intensity, opening your heart, and stretching the erotic chemistry you can create with women. You will learn to Trust the often knife-edge process of relationship.

So many men and women avoid the fires of conflict, for the fears and emotions conflict evokes. Yet good conflict is what sustains the heat of a relationship over the long-term, and allows each partner to grow. In this module, you will learn how to bring your Power, Peace, Passion —and even Joy— to the process of boundary-setting, conflict and disagreement. And learn to not lose yourself in intimacy in the process.

Women reveal to us only what we accept. So if you judge a woman’s dark side, or her sexuality, she will hide them from your reach. Our shadow sides come out somehow, so whatever your woman doesn’t bring you openly might hit you blindsided, in the form of manipulation and games. Expand your Perseverance, your Self-knowledge and your Strength, to love that which is difficult, and cut through what threatens your health.

The experience of love brings with it a profound healing. Water in the desert. Wholeness. Integration. You’ll close out your Mastery journey by looking at the core of the human condition, claiming urgency by meditating on death, and giving love to those hardest-to-reach places… within you, and within her. A final consolidation of the qualities of Self-worth, Intimate Nourishment, and Unconditional Love.

You’ve seen the format. You’ve seen the syllabus. You’ve seen what’s expected of you.

All that remains is choice. Your choice to continue or to pull away.

How Will I Know If I’m Ready
for Mastery?

Participants in Mastery come from diverse walks of life, and often bridge generational divides. We select participants for a number of common traits, which secures a high level of quality conversation in the group, and allows us—collectively—to have an enriching year.

Some of the qualities required to be a good fit for Mastery: you are driven, charming and sincere. You have a high sense of career autonomy, and the willingness to make an impact. You have most likely traveled, and have had deep experiences with women. You already relate well with many kinds of women, but you are puzzled by certain situations, or by certain unconscious blocks.

I believe every Mastery participant has everything he needs within him to ignite a great love affair with his woman of choice—and to stay the course. Most likely though, you do not yet own the full scope of your masculine gifts, and you might be hesitant to claim your space in the world of women with conviction, and own the inherent goodness of your animal drives.

You are most likely at risk of staying in your head (and filling up on strategy-based dating advice), when your next step is to drop into your guts, your balls and your heart (and embody all who you are). You are most certainly the unwitting victim of a missing education around self-value, as well as how to pierce right to the truth of love, ecstasy, and erotic abandon.

Mastery participants embody a curious and alluring paradox: you possess a certain innocence with women, while generally being well-rounded, cultured, and mature.

If you are:

You stand to be a good fit.

If you meet these criteria, and you are excited at the prospect of being one of the 6 men to join Mastery, then step forth and request an application today.

Dates & Logistics

It might be a case of dates and logistics, to see whether you can join us this year. In the drop-down menu below, you will find further information about the core components of the Mastery course.

As soon as you’re admitted into Mastery and your payment is complete, you gain access to your private online course and the Week #0 — Introduction materials.

For each module of Mastery, you will receive just-in-time access to a full curriculum of material, including inner reflections, embodiment exercises, and real-world practices to explore at your own pace.

Mastery is centred around 14 live 3-hour workshops, held over Zoom. That includes an introductory workshop, plus a group call for each Mastery module.

Each 3-hour workshop includes a guided embodiment practice, some group interaction and challenges, and plenty of time for on-the-spot coaching and Q&A. Here, we workshop the online curriculum, refine the practices to suit you and your current situation, and help you move through anything that impedes your progress.

Each call takes place on a Saturday, from 3pm—6pm Central European Time.

*When we move into daylight savings, we follow the European schedule.

Introductory Call — October 29th, 2022

Call #1 — November 19th, 2022

Call #2 — December 10th, 2022

Call #3 — January 7th, 2022

Call #4 — January 28th, 2023

Call #5 — February 25th, 2023

Call #6 — March 18th, 2023

Call #7 — April 15th, 2023

Call #8 — May 6th, 2023

Call #9 — June 3rd, 2023

Call #10 — June 24th, 2023

Call #11 — July 15th, 2023

Call #12 — August 5th, 2023

Final Call, Call #13 — August 26th, 2023

Bonus: Alumni Online Retreat — September 16th, 2023

**In the midst of a busy life, it is of course possible to miss one or two of these live workshops. But to make the most of the course, I suggest you move around what you need to, so that you can make every step of this journey, live. Every group call is recorded and hosted on our private platform.

While the online material and group workshops make up the content part of Mastery, the extra triad group exercises bring out the community and brotherhood aspect of the programme, and help you lock in the learning.

Approximately 10 days after every Live Workshop, you will meet in groups of three to discuss your progress, offer feedback and troubleshooting for each other, and practice many of the course exercises together. Triad calls are hot-beds of learning where you can receive more coaching and feedback, as well as sharpen your understanding by giving feedback yourself.

The triads will change throughout the course to keep it fresh. There will be a couple of special guests.

Another aspect of Mastery is that you will receive, over the course of the year, ten private one-hour calls with a rotating member of our team of women. During these one-hour calls, you will have challenges, shared practices, and attraction and intimacy skills to hone.

As men in the ‘real world’, we get feedback from women all the time. But most of that feedback is non-verbal, never clarified, and often shown without compassion. One of the most daunting, exciting, and transformative aspects of Mastery is your chance to sit before a beautiful, intuitive, directly honest, and open woman… so you can train your perception, practice the tools of intimacy the course provides to you, and push your edges in an ‘under-the-microscope’ style container.

Just sitting in her open, feminine energy… for ten hours throughout the year… itself is a healing experience.

Brand new for this ’22/23 round of Mastery. During 5 long, sumptuous days in Bali, I will walk you through a number of transformative embodiment and polarity exercises, so you can explore every aspect of the Mastery course with my live support… and, with the inspiration and challenge of our team of beautiful, highly trained women.

Join Adelya and I in our home, and take a once-in-a-lifetime ‘surgical’ peek through the looking glass at your deepest patterns of relating.

Retreat Dates: March 27th—31st, 2023

*Flights and accommodation not included in the course fee.

I keep my mentoring practice purposefully minimal, to maintain a clear mind, and high-level support for those who train with me. Throughout the upcoming 12 months, if you are in Bali, or anywhere else that I am stationed, I will be happy to invite you to dinner and a stroll, and support you with any on-the-spot guidance or assistance that is needed.

Apprentices in this Mastery course are as close to my inner circle as it possibly gets. Your journey is as much my own and I commit myself to your progress.

How To Apply For Mastery

As you have seen, Mastery is a tight-knit apprenticeship and study-group for a particular kind of man.

This is not open to the general public. Enrolment is by application only. I will decide if you’re in.

I’ve walked a crazy path, and I offer unconventional views and deep material. I want to be sure that I can transmit this course to men who are resonant and ready.

To ensure a circle of excellence, I need to know that your presence in the group will be an asset for your five brothers, too.

Everything about Mastery is precision-made and fine-tuned for a high-level experience: the online course, the coaching, our female assistants, and the Bali retreat.

Your investment for Mastery is $10k for the full year.

You can pay up-front. Or through installments over six or twelve months, with a 5% administration fee.

There are only 6 spots available for the Mastery apprenticeship.

If you happen to miss out on the 2022/23 journey, there are two spots for 2023/24 available to secure ahead of time.

That is it.

So here we are, at the end of this page. There are no more words to entice you, to show you what Mastery can mean for your life. This is it. The ball is in your court. Your chance to start integrating something you might have scratched the surface of, but have never experienced fully. Only one question remains:

Will you walk the path of Ars Amorata’s Mastery?

After receiving your request, your details will be added to our system. You will be among the first to know when applications open on October 3rd, 2022.

About Jordan Luke Collier

I think I was born with an intuition that something sublime was possible in our relationship to women. I had my first crush aged five (my first bout of ‘approach anxiety’, too), and had my first date aged six (we went to a burger restaurant—it was innocent, I swear: no petting!). But it didn’t take long for the weight of my culture, and my family’s habits and heavy feelings around love, to suffuse themselves over my natural, buoyant, love of attraction. As a teenager I became a closet romantic. In practice, I was a late-bloomer.

Climbing out of my cool façade, my self-protection, and sharing my honest feelings with women, became the first real odyssey of my life. I studied philosophy and psychology at University (mistakenly believing this would allow me to get beneath a pretty girl’s mind), and I went to live in South America, namely Brazil and Argentina, where sparkling smiles and lithe waistlines flow. All in search of love. And date by date, romance by romance, I got closer. I slowly dared bare more of me, until the tides of fire and heartache and surrender and—at last, mutuality—roared through.

When I finally allowed true love to come through, it changed everything. The world of dating advice, being a seducer and so on, began to appear inane. After knowing love’s full bloom and full heartbreak for the first time, I undertook a seven-year journey to understand the deep psyche behind love, as well as the spiritual terrain that erotic passion can open up. I met my beloved Adelya during that time, and we are now together four years and counting. We live in Bali. We create. And we try our best to practice what we preach, especially when the conflicts and the traumas show up… and especially when the eros goes stale.

After fourteen rounds of it, I could stop running this Mastery programme, and do something else with my time. I would certainly claim more of my weekends back. When I envisage my ideal life though, Mastery always has a place in it. I’ve collected such an important array of practices and knowledge—a liberating array of practices and knowledge—and the pearl of great price I fought so severely for during this entire half-a-life odyssey, that I know it needs to be passed on to the next man.

And I sense it is wiser to pass this on to a few men, to deeply integrate… Rather than pass it onto many, in a surface way.

Here is my invitation for you to dive in the deep end with me and 5 others. And learn to embody a richer connection to love, intimacy, and relationships.

Request your application today. I look forward to meeting you.

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