Join me on Saturday, September 17th for an exclusive, interactive Masterclass.

Igniting the Erotic Spark

How to (re)kindle the passion that inevitably fades over time.

Saturday, September 17th | 3pm CET

$99 Regular | $65 Members

Do You Remember How The Sex Was In The Early Days?

Session recordings and resources will be accessible for six months, until September 30th, 2022.



I will start by putting you at ease: it is the most normal thing in the world that a healthy relationship starts to lose some of its spark.

When a relationship is healthy, you and your woman become close, sharing secrets and responsibilities. You resonate. But it is this very familiarity that kills the animal magnetism: the sleepness nights you used to spend craving each other, your rapt curiosity about her inner mysteries, the shredding of each others’ clothes—you know—that blow-your-brain-out kind of passion.

The spark is made of mystery, anticipation, not-knowing, unpredictability. Novelty. Anxiety. Inappropriateness even. A good relationship is made through intimacy, stability, understanding, trust, consistency: the exact opposite. Very few people have it all.

This is why so many of us look outside our relationship, pouring our sexual vitality into affairs, porn compulsions, or fantasies of other women. We long for the novelty, that animal rapacity, or things we never had. Sometimes it is easier to imagine sexual scenarios with some other woman than it is to imagine them with your beloved, who folds your underpants and brings you breakfast of a morning! Not to mention, who’s troubles and insecurities you see daily — and who is equally tired of you.

But it is easier to re-ignite the spark in a relationship that’s lost its flame than it is to build long-term stability with someone you feel crazy chemistry with. Sure, go and find another passionate, ready-to-go woman. She might be alluring, but is she likely to be a match? What is truly freeing for most men is realising that you can re-ignite your sex-life at home: if you’re willing to be a little vulnerable, a little outrageous —and importantly— you put in the work.

So how do you ignite the erotic spark? The teaching on this is clear and pragmatic, and I will lay it out and make it clear. You can become skilful in igniting the spark in a matter of months, and, indeed, you might read much on this topic before. 

But a deeper question looms under the surface: what are the secret handrakes that stifle your erotic flow. What your woman is dying to know is if you’re willing to take on the vulnerability to ignite that spark, and the commitment to maintain it. Are you willing to reveal the desires you’re afraid to share, the favours you’re afraid to ask for, and the places you’re afraid to go to? 

When we make peace with what really turns us on, it becomes easy to build the skill-set that allows us to go there.

In 'Igniting the Erotic Spark'
we will address:

In this two-hour Masterclass, you will get those difficult-to-reach insights that will unblock the erotic energy flow in your life, and re-ignite the passion once more. Since a couple’s sexual connection is often an expression of their emotional and relational health, this is a theme that puts many men to the test, challenging the calibre of your courage and your leadership.

While this is first and foremost a webinar aimed at reclaiming the spark in long-term relationships, the exact same principles apply in single and dating life. Seduction and romance are the arts of expanding the energy, mystery and intrigue between you and the woman you’re attracted to, and in this Masterclass we will revisit these topics afresh.

As you undoubtedly know, the quality of a man’s sex life has deep ties to his overall sense of significance. This is one area of life where it is worth developing mastery in. Sure, you can keep running around the world looking for new partners to share a ‘honeymoon phase’ with — but you can also learn how to develop an ongoing furnace that will keep you sexually active into your old age!

Join me —and a circle of good men— and re-ignite your internal spark on this call. 

Then, we will create a plan of action: in service of you, your woman, and everyone affected by your relationship.

$99 Regular | $65 Members

'Igniting the Erotic Spark'
begins Saturday, 17th September at 3pm Central European Summer Time



Igniting the Erotic Spark is a brand-new, two-hour zoom webinar, hosted by me, Jordan Luke Collier.

Following a couple of brand new lectures and some interactive group-work, I will open a wide space for discussion on the topic at hand… answering your questions, challenging you with my own, and exploring through conversation how you can melt some of the barriers that restrict sexual flow, how you can re-find your erotic inspiration, and offer it to your woman (or the world’s women) in a way that feels like a gift for everyone.

Even though you’ll be on a webinar with many others, the fact that we are like minds, all gathered around one essential topic, means that you will pluck insights from everyone’s questions and answers — not just your own. Come prepared for a rich and a fast-paced time, and take plenty of notes. In the follow-up, you will also receive a number of specific practice and assignments that you can do, to implement the ideas from this Masterclass into your life.

* If you would like more time to speak with me, and get direct coaching on your personal situation in an exclusive small group, I will host an added 90-minute VIP webinar for only 6 participants, straight after the main two-hour webinar. To join this exclusive ‘after-hours’, simply add the VIP option to the cart (if there are spaces left), just before you check out.

Two-hour Interactive Zoom Session with Q+A​

The Masterclass group format is compelling and energising: watch your own deeper questions be answered while someone else is being coached. Capture the excitement energy of a whole group learning with the same aspirations as you.​

Recordings & Community​

Recordings of the two-hour session are stored on our customised online platform, and will be available for 180 days. You will get access to a private group for participants of this Masterclass, where you can share insights, questions and stories long after the even has finished.

Personalised Practices​

By adding all the practices we explore together, you can leave the call with dozens of specific things you can adjust in your intimate relationships… whether you’re seeking to expand the polarity you feel with new partners, re-ignite a relationship where the sex-life has become a little stale, or take your existing intimacy to new frontiers of exploration.



Being Ars Amorata’s Head Coach for over a decade, my principle area of expertise has been understanding the timeless dynamic between women and men. This includes seduction, the erotic imagination, emotional intimacy, and building a vulnerable, sexual safe space where the masks can come off, and your animal selves can come out to play.

Growing up in the UK, I imbibed the usual social conditioning when it came to sex: have a couple of drinks to get in the mood, play the numbers game, and eventually you’ll get lucky, my son! Of course, I did get lucky from time to time. But luck has nothing to do with building genuine sexual skill, and I think many of my ‘hook-ups’ left disappointed!

My own relationship has been my training ground for igniting —and maintaining— our sexual spark. We started out with a typical honeymoon high, but later went through so many of the issues that inhibit most couples’ sex-lives: dealing with burden and over-responsibility, learning to express ourselves honestly but in a way your partner responds to, climbing out of the comfort zone (again and again and again), and going through that vulnerable spring-clean of emotions where the things you withhold from your partner pile up (and block the flow of love and attraction). 

Even though I sought extensive training in tantra, embodiment, and polarity play, I still have to find the will to apply this knowledge to my relationship. As my partner and I have become greater friends during our relationship, we’ve had to work hard to continue to build the spice. Luckily, there is no-one better to share the erotic journey with than someone who is a genuine friend.

It was hard for me parse apart the role of masculine and feminine energies, and it has been more difficult still to embody a masculine energy that is more than a role or a mask. What I have learned along the way, however, is a treasure-trove of real-world skill, and I’ll be delighted to pass some of that onto you — in the name of you re-igniting more of that pleasure, that passion, that spark.

Join me for a frank, light-hearted, and no-holds-barred exploration of how to bring the erotic back into your life…

$99 Regular | $65 Members

Frequently Asked Questions

The Masterclass session runs for exactly two hours. There is an opening lecture of around thirty minutes, followed by a short break-out exercise, and the rest will be open Q&A, with possibly a little coaching thrown in to those who share.
Yes. The entire Masterclass session will be recorded and uploaded to our membership portal. Uploads will be complete within 24 hours from the end of the event, and will be available for 180 days.

Yes. We will convert the recording and the follow-up resources into a digital product, and make it available on the Ars Amorata store. The recording will be available to purchase for 180 days after the live event. The product recordings will be taken down on March 31st, 2023.

We are expecting some 50-60 people to join us for this webinar. So of course, not everyone can share. If you want to share, you can type your question into the Q&A box during the zoom call, or put your hand up. The moderator will choose the order of the audience questions/shares.

This doesn’t present a problem. We usually discuss a variety of questions that apply to most people on the call — and even if you don’t share, usually by the end of the 2 hours, all the necessary content has been covered. The Masterclass isn’t meant to tackle individual situations in depth, but to give you a framework and some new perspectives from which you can start thinking freshly about travel.
This is why we offer a VIP ‘after-hours’ call. Straight after the Masterclass, I will jump back on another 90-minute zoom call with just 6 people. This means that you will be able to share your personal questions, and receive my coaching, guidance and feedback. The VIP ‘after-hours’ call will be recorded, and made available only to the 6 participants, for the next seven days.
You are welcome to join the Masterclass in listen-only mode. You don’t need to turn your camera on (although this does make for a pleasant, more personal experience).
If this is the first programme you have purchased through Ars Amorata, you will receive a log-in code to our platform shortly after you sign up. Feel free to have a look around the platform, and press the question icon within the platform if you require any help. Hopefully, the navigation of the site is straight-forward. Then, a day after the live Masterclass, you will receive a link to the recordings, and your account will gain access to the Masterclass recordings page. After the event, you will also be added to a private group, where you can message other participants, and post your questions on the group feed.

The Masterclass goes live on Saturday 17th September, 2022, at 3pm Central European Summer Time. The call will be exactly two hours.

The VIP ‘after-hours’ session takes place on Saturday 17th September, 2022, at 5.15pm Central Europe Summer Time. This call will last for 90 minutes.

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This Masterclass is one of four brand new Masterclasses, offered by Jordan Luke Collier and the Ars Amorata. Each Masterclass centres around an urgent and popular question shared among our audience, and in each Masterclass we share some unique and unconventional ways of looking at that question.

Future Masterclasses will cover the topics of Initiatory Travel, the Challenges of Relationship and Commitment, and The Foundations of Aesthetic Leadership. Through his unique blend of teaching, storytelling, live coaching and break-out group interaction, Jordan offers ways to completely re-interpret some of the challenges central to man’s man’s heart.

Please contact us at We will he happy to assist you.

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