I Almost Never Knew

A little story, in line with this month’s theme of perspectives.

I went for one of my walks in the city, to see what life would put on my path. After an hour and a half of walking, the last half in the rain, I decided to head back to my car. Wet, cold and disappointed. “What is wrong with you? You never see girl you like! You’re such a fake…”

Just as I leave the city center and before I take the last turn to head for my car, my eye catches the shape of a blonde girl dressed in black, wearing a big black hat, walking on the other side of the street. I feel a wave of intense energy flush and tingle down my body, and right on cue, like a good little doggy, my saboteur joins in.

“She’s not THAT beautiful, you don’t like her handbag, she’s not for you, you have nothing to say to her…” I keep walking, in the rain, towards my car.

At the same time I remember that the only reason I go for these walks is to run into girls that light up my body and soul. So who do I listen to here?

I keep walking, glancing back one last time to see her white polka dot umbrella go open, as I turn the corner.

“You’ll meet a girl that’s more you next time. One with an even nicer umbrella and cooler hat. And also…” Another thought comes up from a different corner : “Yeah, but what if?”

And this thought my body listens to. I stop walking, turn 90 degrees and feel the decision is already made to go run after here like an idiot. The saboteur doesn’t agree. A few deep breaths and a loud grunt and my body takes the wheel. I turn the corner again and see how far she’s gone by now. Thank God for that umbrella, makes it easy to track her movements.

Saboteur thinks that’s creepy.

It keeps finding reasons to drop the whole idea, it’s stupid, you won’t even like her. At the same time the other corner of my head is conspiring with my body to find the right running speed so I don’t end up standing in front of her like a panting maniac, but still catch up to her. “But you don’t even know what to say to her, you don’t even like her, remember?” Which makes me remember what caught my eye and what make me look at her from the other side of the street. I keep running and suddenly find myself at the perfect spot at the perfect time with an empty street between us. As I cross the street and walk through the open gates (two parked cars) I say excuse me and wave her attention towards me. She stops in the middle of the gate and turns towards me.

And there she is. This gorgeous blonde girl in a big black hat, beautifully put together, facing me, smiling and blushing.

Fuck you, saboteur. I almost never knew.

But now I do.

The rest of the story is less relevant to the theme, and not even that important to me at this point, but I told her what caught my eye, she blushed some more, I got her info and left, and let’s see where it goes from there.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little story as much as I had living and writing it. And maybe you even got something out of it as well!

* * *

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