Join me on Saturday, July 23rd for an exclusive, interactive Masterclass.

The Challenge of Commitment & Intimacy

A real-world guide to overcoming the trickiest parts of your relationship with women

Saturday, July 23rd | 3pm CET

$99 Regular | $65 Members

What is The Unique, Difficult-to-Navigate Spot in Your Relationship?

Session recordings and resources will be accessible for six months, until September 30th, 2022.



Let’s be real: building a thriving relationship in the modern world is hard.

Technology, globalisation, travel, shifting sands in culture, gender roles, the ways ‘personal empowerment’ and ‘designing your life’ makes us strong-willed individuals… not to mention the time-old challenge of balancing career with family life, money-troubles and life-defining choices.

A thousand tricky questions stymie the flow of your love. And the tumultuous changes in modern relationships is merely the outer layer:

Love, jealousy, fear of abandonment, doubt, betrayal, sewing one’s oats, our animal nature, emotional repression, the wandering eye, and our parent’s invisible legacies… love is inseparable from our cyclical human drama, which preceeds the birth of religious wisdom — and even the human species! Monogamous or open? It’s in our DNA to struggle in love. Biologically, we’re at an almost-irreconcilable difference.

For any couple to ‘make it’ in this world is a miracle. That, and a testament to hard, intelligent, and —often— self-transcending work. No-one ever taught us how to make our relationships survive and thrive in this hyper-fragmented post-pandemic world of the 2020s.

The deepest moments of my own relationship have pushed me to my emotional limits, and felt like full-scale crucifixions. The most amazing moments of my relationship have entailed dying a little bit to my old ego, resurrecting, and building a deeper bond, and a vision for something new.

Relationship is a crucible: you stand to be tested to the depths of your heart and your integrity, and called forth to a whole new paradigm of leadership. Such tests are the curse, and the gift, of a powerful relationship.

Yet your intimacy, when you build it the right way, should be your own personal sanctuary — your retreat away from the toils of the world. Her beauty, her devotion, is the place in which you can come home to recharge and get re-inspired. Inside every woman lays the archetype of the Alabaster Girl, she who builds you up, giving you the force to bring your very best to life.

How deeply do you dare plunge into the transformative fires of your relationship? How much of her devotion do you set free?

Or do tend to get tangled up in the day-to-day weeds?

In 'The Challenge of Commitment & Intimacy' we will explore:

In this two-hour Masterclass, you will explore the particular ways your relationship gets entangled, find sure-fire ways to touch the core of your challenges, and reclaim the vision to build something sublime.

No matter your level of success in life, intimate relationship is a place where even the best men fail. Every argument reminds us of what we’re lacking, or where we feel sub-par. What’s more, there are few places to go where we can acknowledge this challenge, re-tool, and return with more love in the tank. 

In The Challenge of Commitment & Intimacy, we do not succumb to the superficial quick-fix, but venture to gain a deep understanding of relationship principles, and the motivation to earnestly try.

We have all seen the research: it is the quality of our relationships that determines the quality of our lives. As men, this includes our life-expectancy, and the felt-sense of meaning we live with. We always learn what we need throughout the course of our relationships… but instead of learn those lessons before it’s too late, why not learn them now, and give this current relationship the absolute best shot you can?

How much more potential does your woman have, to give you? How much more potential for love… do you know you have deep down?

So come and join me, let go of the accumulated angst, and return to the deepest reasons you’re together in the first place. Build a platform on which you can start again…

$99 Regular | $65 Members

The Challenge of Commitment & Intimacy begins Saturday, 23rd July at 3pm Central European Summer Time



The Challenge of Commitment & Intimacy is a brand-new, two-hour zoom webinar, hosted by me, Jordan Luke Collier.

Following a couple of brand-new lectures and some interactive group-work, I will open a wide space for discussion on the perenial challenge that is relating with women… answering your questions, challenging you with my own, and exploring through conversation how you can understand your intimacy challenges, untangle them from the root, and bring an ‘evolutionary’ momentum back into your relationship.

Even though you’ll be on a webinar with many others, the fact that we are like minds, all gathered around one essential topic, means that you will pluck insights from everyone’s questions and answers — not just your own. Come prepared for a rich and a fast-paced time, and take plenty of notes. In the follow-up, you will also receive a number of specific practice and assignments that you can do, to implement the ideas from this Masterclass into your life.

* If you would like more time to speak with me, and get direct coaching on your personal situation in an exclusive small group, I will host an added 90-minute VIP webinar for only 6 participants, straight after the main two-hour webinar. To join this exclusive ‘after-hours’, simply add the VIP option to the cart (if there are spaces left), just before you check out.

Two-hour Interactive Zoom Session with Q+A​

The Masterclass group format is compelling and energising: watch your own deeper questions be answered while someone else is being coached. Capture the excitement energy of a whole group learning with the same aspirations as you.​

Recordings & Community​

Recordings of the two-hour session are stored on our customised online platform, and will be available for 180 days. You will get access to a private group for participants of this Masterclass, where you can share insights, questions and stories long after the even has finished.

Personalised Practices​

By adding all the practices we explore together, you can leave the call with dozens of specific things you can adjust in your relationship… whether you want a relationship but have always avoided the challenges of intimacy, whether you’re just starting out and building your base, whether you’re many years in and struggle with a conflict, or whether you’re in decline — and need to give it urgent CPR.



Being Ars Amorata’s Head Coach for over a decade, my principle area of expertise has been understanding the timeless dynamics between women and men. This includes intimacy, trust, and the communication (and mis-communication) that forever happens between two people in love.

I wasn’t a late-bloomer with women, but I did avoid committed relationships for many years. I watched my Mum and Dad break up when I was young, and carried the fear and sadness of love’s loss into my adult life. This made me a romantic — a seducer — but always and perpetually single. An avoidant, a commitment-phobe, as today’s women often say. To resolve my own inner issues, understanding the psyche of lovers became a core part of my life’s work. And with it, the ability to create safe relationships, and work with our inevitable trauma.

Growing up in the UK, I imbibed the usual social conditioning around relationships and sex: have a few drinks to get you in the mood, keep your heavy emotions to yourself, and whatever you do — don’t put any awkward conversations on the table!

In order to have a truly adult relationship life, I’ve had to overturn every one of these cultural taboos, and learn how to bring the secret sides of myself out in the open… while learning what it means to love another in her wholeness… in service of a truly intimate relationship.

Along the way I discovered that, in the words of Nat King Cole (or rather, the songwriter Eden Ahbez):

The greatest thing / you’ll ever learn / is just to love / and be loved / in return.

Join me for a frank, adult, and deeply compassionate exploration of how to build thriving romantic relationships.

$99 Regular | $65 Members

Frequently Asked Questions

The Masterclass session runs for exactly two hours. There is an opening lecture of around thirty minutes, followed by a short break-out exercise, and the rest will be open Q&A, with possibly a little coaching thrown in to those who share.
Yes. The entire Masterclass session will be recorded and uploaded to our membership portal. Uploads will be complete within 24 hours from the end of the event, and will be available for 180 days.

Yes. We will convert the recording and the follow-up resources into a digital product, and make it available on the Ars Amorata store. The recording will be available to purchase for 180 days after the live event. The product recordings will be taken down on January 31st, 2023.

We are expecting some 50-60 people to join us for this webinar. So of course, not everyone can share. If you want to share, you can type your question into the Q&A box during the zoom call, or put your hand up. The moderator will choose the order of the audience questions/shares.

This doesn’t present a problem. We usually discuss a variety of questions that apply to most people on the call — and even if you don’t share, usually by the end of the 2 hours, all the necessary content has been covered. The Masterclass isn’t meant to tackle individual situations in depth, but to give you a framework and some new perspectives from which you can start thinking freshly about travel.
This is why we offer a VIP ‘after-hours’ call. Straight after the Masterclass, I will jump back on another 90-minute zoom call with just 6 people. This means that you will be able to share your personal questions, and receive my coaching, guidance and feedback. The VIP ‘after-hours’ call will be recorded, and made available only to the 6 participants, for the next seven days.
You are welcome to join the Masterclass in listen-only mode. You don’t need to turn your camera on (although this does make for a pleasant, more personal experience).
If this is the first programme you have purchased through Ars Amorata, you will receive a log-in code to our platform shortly after you sign up. Feel free to have a look around the platform, and press the question icon within the platform if you require any help. Hopefully, the navigation of the site is straight-forward. Then, a day after the live Masterclass, you will receive a link to the recordings, and your account will gain access to the Masterclass recordings page. After the event, you will also be added to a private group, where you can message other participants, and post your questions on the group feed.

The Masterclass goes live on Saturday 23rd July, 2022, at 3pm Central European Summer Time. The call will be exactly two hours.

The VIP ‘after-hours’ session takes place on Saturday 23rd July, 2022, at 5.15pm Central Europe Summer Time. This call will last for 90 minutes.

You will receive a notification 48 hours before we go live for the Masterclass, containing the log-in codes. You will receive another notification an hour before the Masterclass, so that the log-in code sits at the top of your inbox as we go live.

Please ‘whitelist’ any email communication from Ars Amorata, to ensure the codes reach your main inbox (and don’t get lost in some promotions tab).

No problem, we will post a video recording onto our member’s platform 24 hours after the live Masterclass. You will have access to the recordings until January 31st, 2023.

When you register, we will send detailed instructions for downloading Zoom onto your computer or phone. You can also find helpful information and tips at Zoom’s Help Center.

Yes. You can connect via the Zoom app on your mobile device, or call in from a landline phone. For those interested in listening on a landline phone, we will send the phone number prior to each session, including international call-in options.

Yes! We currently have closed captioning available for the session recordings, however we don’t have CC for live sessions at this time.
If you have already registered for this Masterclass or for a previous Ars Amorata course, click on the word ‘Members’ in the top right corner of our website. Or, head directly to www.Amorati.Me. In the left-side navigation bar, you should see a section named ‘Courses’. Simply click ‘Courses’ and you will see all the different courses that you have access to. If you’ve forgotten your password, or didn’t create one when you registered, no problem, just click ‘forgot password’ and follow the steps

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This Masterclass is one of four brand new Masterclasses, offered by Jordan Luke Collier and the Ars Amorata. Each Masterclass centres around an urgent and popular question shared among our audience, and in each Masterclass we share some unique and unconventional ways of looking at that question.

Future Masterclasses will cover the topics of Initiatory Travel, the Foundations of Aesthetic Leadership, and Re-Igniting the Spark. Through his unique blend of teaching, storytelling, live coaching and break-out group interaction, Jordan offers ways to completely re-interpret some of the challenges central to man’s man’s heart.

Please contact us at We will he happy to assist you.
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